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May 1954 Model Airplane News

May 1954 Model Airplane News

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These pages from vintage modeling magazines like Flying Aces, Air Trails, American Modeler, American Aircraft Modeler, Young Men, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, R/C Modeler, captured the era. All copyrights acknowledged.

My only experience with Jetex engines with a No. 50B, and that was back in the early 1970s. It was attached to a dime store type Guillows glider - the king where the wing, stab, and fin slid into slits in the fuselage. Once the engine finally ignited, the glider took off with a cool hissing sound and headed skyward. The glider had been trimmed to fly smoothly with power off. I can remember having a heck of a time getting the crappy little piece of chemical-coated wire wick to stay lit as it passed through the Jetex's nozzle. Looking back from this perspective, I do believe I was fairly inept at a lot of things at the time, so maybe that was the entire problem. Maybe someday I'll pull my Jetex No. 50 from its package and determine whether I've gotten any better at simple things since then ;-)


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Jetex Jet Engine Ad

Jetex Jet Engine Ad, May 1954 Model Airplane NewsThe Challenge of Jet Powered Flight

Clean design, careful construction and skilled workmanship ... these are the pride of the accomplished modeler. And it is these characteristics that pay such enjoyable dividends to users of Jetex engines. For the basic fact of jet power is this: Efficiency is proportional to speed. Thus minimum air resistance and weight of a model take the greatest advantage of the 800 m.p.h, thrust of a Jetex engine.

That is the challenge ... to build models which combine strength, streamlining and low weight ... to achieve maximum performance. Meet the challenge and you will be rewarded by thrilling performance and the enjoyment which only jet powered flight can offer.

Jetex Jet Engines

The world's smallest jet engine, most popular in the line; it is adaptable to practically any small model on the market. Price, complete with fuel, wick, instructions.


Jetex No. 50B "Contest Special" - a sturdier version of the No. 50 "Standard", designed specifically for use with an augmenter tube.

Price, with fuel, wick, instructions, and 6-INCH

Augmenter Tube $2.95

Jetex No. 50 fuel-6 pellets with wick and spare washers $ .50

15 pellets with wick and spare washers. $1.00

Its streamlined proportions make this the ideal engine for average-size scale models of jet fighter planes. The 12-inch augmenter tube, available separately, may be used as a structural member of such models.

Price, complete with fuel, wick, instructions $4.95

12-inch augmenter tube for "Jetmaster" (may also be used with the No. 600 "Scorpion") $ .95

Jetex No. 150 "Red Spot" fuel-10 pellets with wick and spare washers $ .95

The newest, largest, and most efficient of the Jetex family; thrust is three times the total weight! A superlative engine for spectacular speed and performance.

Price, with fuel, wick, instructions, and 6-inch augmenter tube $8.95

Jetex No. 600 "Red Spot" fuel-10 pellets with wick and spare washers $1.95

American Telasco Ltd., Huntington, N. Y.

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