Model Aviation Crossword Puzzle #1

Back around 2000, I submitted a few model aviation themed crossword puzzles to the Academy of Model Aeronautics' monthly magazine, Model Aviation. After many months, Mr. Bob Hunt responded saying that he had just assumed the position of editor for the "If It Flies" column, and that he would be interested in publishing the crosswords. So, six of the puzzles appeared in 2001 editions.

Today, while searching through some old files, I ran across the document that I originally submitted, and I figured it might be nice to make them available to visitors to the Airplane and Rockets website. Enough time has gone by now that I hope they don't mind that I have reproduced them here.

Here are links to all of the crossword puzzles:

#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6

Model Aviation Crossword Puzzle #1 - Airplanes and Rockets


  1 Don't ___ a little wind keep you from flying.

  3 Model Aviation column by Paul Kopp - 2000

  5 State in AMA District IV

  6 Cyanoacrylate

  8 Applies liquid finish to model

  9 Required

 10 Survives inspection for Quickie 500 qualification

 15 Typically

 19 Cut grooves on a pushrod

 24 Alloy of copper and zinc

 25 State in AMA District V

 26 Chemical symbol for arsenic

 27 Path the pylon racers follow

 28 Your are currently doing this to Model Aviation

 30 LCD on your computer transmitter

 31 Officiate at an FAI record attempt

 32 Us

 33 F-14 ___cat

 36 Powerplant that runs on fuel

 44 Biblical fruit

 47 State in AMA District VIII

 48 Upbeat

 50 Will _______ please get that spectator out of the pit area?

 51 Supreme being in the Middle East

 53 Geographical location of AMA District V

 54 I couldn't get the engine to run, __ I went home.

 55 The ratio between circumference and diameter

 56 State in AMA District IV

 57 Tubing and sheet metal manufacturer

 59 Attempted to set a record

 61 State in AMA District XI

 63 You, ___, can learn to fly.

 64 State in AMA District V

 65 State in AMA District VIII

 67 Sesame plant

 68 State in AMA District XI

 69 Model airplanes are ___ toys!

 71 Grouping of cells

 75 Path that a propeller tip takes

 76 Shout of exultation

 77 What an airplane flies through

 78 Greek goddess of the dawn

 79 Brand of fuel by Morgan Fuels, of Enterprise, AL

 80 Commercial airline

 82 Servo-to-control surface interface

 84 Lame movement

 86 Rural Electrification Act acronym

 88 Caused by standing upright

 89 North American bog shrub

 90 Not applicable

 92 State in AMA District I

 93 Model Aviation "AMA This Month" area - 2000


  2 Vintage German WWI monoplane

  3 Shortcut for radio controlled

  4 State in AMA District V

  5 General title for reporter for Model Aviation

  7 Stuck to with Zap

 10 Leading Edge Model Aircraft's city in NY

 11 There ___ some great thermals out here today!

 12 The preferred type of grass field to fly from

 13 Biblical high priest

 14 Our nearest star

 15 State in AMA District V

 16 Antiquity

 17 Direction of grain in silk cloth covering

 18 Model engine manufacturer in Gardnerville, NV

 19 C/L products distributor, in Two Harbors, MN

 20 Describes a really fast airplane

 21 Operate an engine

 22 Donkey

 23 Propeller manufacturer in Tucson, AZ

 29 Starter's command at beginning of a Quickie race

 31 State in AMA District XI

 33 Pay for another's entry into a contest

 34 Model engine manufacturer

 35 Botch

 37 Flightline helper

 38 Model engine manufacturer's name - backwards

 39 Cover with foliage

 40 State in AMA District IX

 41 Farewell

 42 State in AMA District VI

 43 Formation of neoplasms

 44 _____ with disaster when performing low-level aerobatics

 45 Muncie's state

 46 Chairman's hammer

 48 ___ him if he's finished with the frequency pin.

 49 Distress signal

 51 Very capable

 52 I __ a great day at the flying field!

 58 Electrical switch type

 60 AMA District that includes NJ and NY

 62 Perform

 64 State in AMA District I

 66 Type of electrical current

 68 Otherwise

 70 Now ____'s a nice-looking airplane!

 71 Threaded fastener

 72 Polynesian carved image

 73 Long, cylindrical piece of wood

 74 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

 75 River in central Switzerland

 81 Enclose a receiver in foam

 83 State in AMA District VII

 85 State in AMA District XI

 87 Overhanging lower edge of a roof

 91 Direction a helicopter goes with positive cyclic






Model Aviation Crossword Puzzle #1 Solution - Airplanes and Rockets