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Model Aviation Magazine, AMA - Airplanes and Rockets

Model Aircraft Product Manufacturers

Here is a very extensive list of product manufacturers of model airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats and rockets. Links tend to disappear over time, so if you notice any dead links here, please report them to us and provide a correct version if possible. Otherwise, we will attempt to locate the new location if it still exists. Click here for Model Aircraft Product Distributors.


Aero Micro

408-255-5566 / Cupertino, CA

Electric flight supplies.

Aerospace Composite Products

800-811-2009 / Livermore, CA

Lightweight composite materials.


714-978-1895 / Anaheim, CA

RRadio systems & accessories.

AMA Store

765-287-1256 / Muncie, IN

Apparel, books, videos, custom AMA items.

APC Propellers

530-661-0399 / Woodland, CA

Over 300 APC propeller sizes are currently available. The selection is continuously expanding. Current sizes range from 5.5 X 2 up to 26 X 14 in composite materials using long chopped nylon fibers, carbon fibers and hand-laid fibers.

Astro Flight

310-821-6242 / Marina Del Rey, CA

Motors, controllers, chargers.


805-915-0200 / Simi Valley, CA

Brushless DC motors.

Avia Sport Composites

828-345-6070 / Hickory, NC

Carbon fiber components.

Balsa USA

800-225-7287 / Marinette, WI

Balsa and large aircraft kits.

Bambula Props

301-374-2197 / Waldorf, MDbr> Large and giant scale kits. Balsa sheets, sticks, blocks.

Batteries America

800-308-4805 / Middleton, WI

NiCad, MiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Poly.

Berg Receivers

888-291-2111 / San Diego, CA

Micro receivers.

BMJR Models

321-537-1159 / Sharpes, FL

Our emphasis is on small electric park flyers, designed around the popular Speed 280 electric motors and micro RC Gear.

BNB Products

Allen, TX

The DPR is a powerful, lightweight, compact and affordable module for tracking and recording all the vital data you need to know while running your electric powered radio controlled (R/C) craft. USB interface to download & graph all the recorded data.

Bob Holman Plans

909-885-3959 / San Bernardino CA

I have been of service to the scale builder for over 40 years. Models built from plans that I sell have won everything from the world scale meet, best of show Toledo, the masters, the British Nationals and many other meets. My plan service is more than just plans. I have accessories for many of the plans that I sell. I have my own laser and cut parts for a number of the plans that I sell. Epoxy glass fuselages are available for some. Many of the plans come from England and have been drawn by top UK scale modellers like Brian Taylor, Mick Reeves and Dennis Bryant. Laser cut parts are available for many of the Taylor and Bryant plans. Unlike some plans offered for sale over here models have been built and flown before plans are offered for sale.

Bob's Aircraft Documentation

714-979-8058 / Costa Mesa, CA

Bob's Aircraft Documentation is the world's largest commercial collection of color photos and 3-view line drawings of Civilian, Fighters WWI and WWII, Multi-engine, Jets, Aerobatic, Racing, Sailplanes, Helicopters, etc. The collection includes 8,200 different Foto-Paaks [almost 500,000 photos] and 50,000 pages of 3-view line drawings and information. Bob's Aircraft Documentation has been in business since 1983 and is essentially 100% inventoried at all times, which allows for fast service on your orders.

Bob's Little Airplane Company

Miami, OK

Home of the Gymallo, the best Indoor/Park Flyer kit on the market!

Bob Selman Designs

417-358-9521 / Carthage, MO

RTF kits, plans, radios, accessories, batteries, magnetic actuators, prop adapters, gearboxes, foam wings, and chargers.

Bob Smith Industries

805-466-1717 / Atascadero, CA

Hobby, recreational & industrial adhesives.

Book Hangar

888-526-5365 / Newton, NJ

A complete listing of books from Carstens Publications - Harry Higley, soaring, scale, free flight, electrics helicopters, etc.


724-966-2726 / Carmichaels, PA

Brodak basically rejuvenated the flailing control line aspect of modeling by building a line of quality products and hosting a very popular fly-in each year. Kits, dope, covering, fuel tanks, adhesives, engines, motors, batteries, steel lines, handles, hardware, and just about everything else having to do with control line flying is available.

BVM (Bob Violet Models)

407-327-6333 / Winter Springs, FL

World leader in the design, development and manufacture of radio controlled jet model airplanes.

BMJR Models

321-537-1159 / Sharpes, FL

Our emphasis is on small electric park flyers, designed around the popular Speed 280 electric motors and micro RC Gear.

Byron Fuels

712-364-3165 / Ida Grove, IA

Airplane, helicopter, race car, boat racing, 4 cycle fuels.

Cactus Aviation

520-721-0087 / Tucson, AZ

3W aerobatic, scale aircraft, motors & accessories.

Campbell's Custom Kits

765-683-1749 / Anderson, IN

Many excellent quality old time kits and an extensive offering of building supplies and materials are available from Lee Campbell. His extensive $3.00 catalog covers rubber power, gas and special OT items.

Castle Creations

785-883-4519 / Wellsville, KS

Manufacturer of state-of-the-art, ultra-lightweight and high-quality motor controls for electric RC models.


800-704-6229 / Santa Fe Springs, CA

ARF airplanes, batteries, battery charger & dischargers, radios, receivers, servos, connectors, electric motors & accessories, electric speed controls, engines, mufflers & glow-plugs, flight packs.

Clancy Aviation

714-963-0133 / Fountain Valley, CA

Bee Planes, now part of Global Hobby.

Cline and Associates

937-426-4167 / Alpha, OH

Fuel systems, Tartan engines, Bisson mufflers.


714-979-8058 / Costa Mesa, CA

Film & fabric coverings & accessories.

CJ Youngblood Enterprises, Inc

979-828 4269 / Hearne, TX

Curtis Youngblood , R/C helicopter pilot, mechanical engineer, and businessman. He is one in only a handful who has succeeded in turning his love of the R/C hobby, flying and designing helicopters, into his profession.

Dare Hobby

800-578-3273 / Cumberland, MD

"Dare Design...the world's largest line of American manufactured, laser cut flying model airplane kits!" Also a distributor of top-tier building & flying supplies.

Dave Brown Products

513-738-1576 / Hamilton, OH

Manufacturer of molded parts and accessories for radio control (R/C) aircraft.

Dave Patrick Models

815-457-3128 / Milford, IL

Planes & accessories.

Dave's Aircraft Works

949-248-2773 / Capistrano Beach, CA

Airplane kits, plans, & spare parts & raw materials.

Davis Diesel Development

203-877-1670 / Milford, CT

Diesel products, mufflers, pipes, RC accessories, CO2 motors.

Desert Aircraft

520-722-0607 / Tucson, AZ

Aircraft, engines, propellers, spinners.

Diels Engineering

Amherst, OH

I have bought the rights to several Model Builder plans and had a couple others drawn for me along the way. Most of the entire line has been drawn by me either from my own first concept or more recently refining some of Nate Sturman's designs for kitting. And yes I always build a prototype to check fit of parts. Sometimes, as in the TBF, I don't like the design and revise it. The TBF for example took 5 tries to get what I liked.

Diversity Model Aircraft

858-693-8188 / San Diego, CA

Electric powered R/C airplanes, battery packs, and accessories.


800-437-3635 / Racine, WI

Tools & accessories.

Drill Doctor

800-597-6170 / Ashland, OR

Designs and manufactures the Drill Doctor® brand of high quality drill bit sharpeners.


800-848-9411 / Wauconda, IL

R/C model replacement parts.

Dumas Products

800-458-2828 / Tucson, AZ

Laser cut rubber, electric power and static kits. Walnut scale (17½" wingspan), 24" & 30" rubber powered kits.


217-398-0007 / Champaign, IL

RC Cars & accessories.

Dymond Modelsports

920-303-2021 / San Diego, CA

Airplanes, radios, accessories.


217-398-8970 / Champaign, IL

Giant fun scale, motor glider trainers, Sailplanes, Hi-Start launchers.

Dynamics Unlimited

727-559-0539 / Largo, FL

Micro and sub-ounce flight - kits, ARF, batteries, electronics, servos, motors, gears, propellers.

Eagle Hobbies

435-477-1503 / Parowan, UT

Top Gun ignition systems, Eagle Claw plane racks.

Eagle Tree Systems

888-432-4744 / Bellevue, WA

Easy Built Models

334-358-5184 / Prattville, AL

We invite you to browse our 170 different model airplane kits - free flight rubber power, electric RC, gas power, glider, Jetex or Rapier, and display models. They span the first 50 or so years of flight, from the pioneers of flight like the Wright brothers to the planes of World War I, World War II and beyond. We make our kits from the finest balsa wood, hand picked by us so you can build light yet strong for the best flying experience.

E Cubed R/C

937-849-0418 / New Carlisle, OH

Antennae, chargers, connectors, control horns, crimper, gearboxes, kits/plans, lighting systems, metric screws, motors, props, & more.

Foster City, CA

Airplanes, parts, accessories.

F.A.I. Model Supply

1-570-882-9873 / Sayre, PA

Complete source for free flight rubber supplies, including FAI contest tan rubber, stooges, kits, covering, propellers, tools, catapults, adhesives, towlines.


217-398-8970 / Champaign IL

RC airplanes, accessories.

Electronic Model Systems (EMS)

800-845-8978 / Yorba Linda, CA

Batteries, chargers, RC systems, receivers.


+49 (8234) 95 98 9 - 0 /Germany

Embedded controller technology.

Esprit Models

321 725 3208 / Palm Bay, FL

Importer and distributor of high-quality and precision crafted, flying models. Our range of models starts from simple Parkflyers to Fun-Fly models then up to very complicated and beautifully made scale models.


719-372-6565 / Penrose, CO

Model rockets, planes & accessories.

Evolution Engines

800-338-4639 / Champaign, IL

Airplane engines - distributed by Horizon Hobby.

Extreme Flight RC


ARF aircraft, accessories, motors, engines.


(01227) 771331 / UK

Motors, speed controllers, propellers, chargers, wheels, & more.

FMA Direct

800-343-2934 / Frederick, MD

Airplanes, flight systems, servos, chargers, switches, accessories, educational material, and more.

Frank Tiano Enterprises

863-607-6611 / Lakeland, FL

Adhesives, jets, turbines, & more.

775-245-3823 (fax) / Eufaula, OK

Online hobby shop for R/C models and accessories.

Fourmost Products

503-357-2732 / Forest Grove, OR

Specialty tools for small flying models. Miter cutter, sander, and saw. ½A engine mounts, fuel filters & valves, cockpit coaming.


217-398-0007 /Champaign, IL

Servos, receivers, modules, parts and accessories.

Gator R/C

417-725-7755 / Brookline Station, MO

R/C Pattern kits, accessories.

610-282-4811 / Coopersburg, PA

ARC and ARF R/C planes & accessories.

Global Hobby Distributors

714-963-0133 / Fountain Valley, CA

Distributor of RC hobby products.

GMS Engines

Sierra Madre, CA

Brought to you by Model Engine Company of America.



Airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks, boats, engines, radios, accessories.

Great Planes Model Distributors

217-398-0007 / Champaign, IL

RC planes, accessories, tools, adhesives, field equipment, building equipment.


909-594-94979 / City of Industry, CA

Planes, receivers, accessories.

Hacker Brushless USA

480-726-7519 / Tempe, AZ

Motors, controllers, airplanes, boats, cars, trucks, helicopters, accessories.

Henkel Consumer Adhesives, Inc

Super blues, construction adhesives & home repair, epoxies, sealants, wood glues, household adhesives & fillers, threadlockers, spray adhesives, automotive / small engine, rust treatments & cleaners, blair® products for artists.

Hitec RCD USA, Inc

858-748-6948 / Poway, CA

Computer Radios.


217-398-0007 / Champaign, IL

Airplanes, cars, boats, chargers, accessories, field equipment, tools.

Hot Bodies

951-296-9340 / Temecula CA

RC car & truck kits, bodies, wheels, tires, chargers, parts & accessories.

HP Pilots

920-623-4632 / Columbus WI

RC airplane pilots, machine guns, throw meters, 3d & standard meters, servo, rudder meters.

i4c Products

918-492-9435 / Tulsa, OK

Products for the RC modeler, motorcycle enthusiast, & personal watercraft owners.


239-690-0003 / Fort Myers, FL

Planes, helicopters, flight simulators.

Jet Glues


Professional grade Cyanoacrylate.

Jim O'Reilly's Model Plans

316-744-08564 / Wichita, KS

Jim is a master draftsman that has recreated the old original model plan blueprints into a modern state-of-the-art Cad drawing that offers dead-on accuracy for the discriminating builder. Plans illustrate all the wing, stab, fuselage and small parts patterns (these were never detailed on the original plans). Many of the gas plans are drawn not only in the original free-flight form but also offered in a modernized r/c version. Gas plans also illustrate the use of modern fiberglass motor mounts rather than the original’s wooden beam mounts. Over 150 plans in both gas and rubber power are offered.

JR Radios

800-338-4639 / Champaign, IL

Precision Radio Control Systems.

K&S Engineering


Metal products and telescopic tubing for the hobby, hardware, craft, and do-it-yourself fields.

Kangke Industrial USA Inc

877-203-2377 / Deer Park, NY

ARF airplanes, R/C engines, spinners, accessories, wing totes.

Kit Cutters

714-962-8100 / California

We are totally committed to the propagation of giant model aircraft and manufacture excellent kits at low prices. Our loyalties are to our customers, not to our business affiliates. Kit Cutters does not push any particular designer and frankly, many of the less popular designers actually have the best designed and provide the best detailed plans and instructions. Also, all of Kit Cutter's wood is sealed in a nitrogen purged packaging to preserve the freshness of the wood and control moisture.

Klarich Kits

916-635-4588 / Rancho Cordova, CA

More than 500 Antique, Old Timer, and Nostalgia short kits.

Klass Kote

612-243-1234 / Minneapolis, MN

KLASS KOTE a "Superior Quality" Epoxy Coating System for the "World Class" Model or Crafting Project Look...



Wide selection of paint.


217-398-0007 / Champaign, IL

Lanier RC

770-532-6401 / Oakwood, GA

Airplane kits.

Leading Edge Gliders

785-525-6263 / Lucas, Kansas

Every Leading Edge High Performance EPP Slope Glider is designed to be the best in its class. You will be delighted to find that most of the hardware is pre-fabricated and ready to install. The instructions have been called by many as "the best ever written for 'foamies'".

Ludwig R/C Yachts

Universal City, TX

Custom RC yachts including EC12, Santa Barbara, Half Meter, 10R, Kubernettes, 6 Meter, GC12, AC Class, Shamrock V and more.

Magnum Fuel

Denver, CO

R/C model engine fuel, produces maximum performance in all conventional 2 & 4 cycle engines, custom blended with the finest additives and lubricants available.

MaxCim Motors, Inc

716-662-5651 / Orchard Park, NY

Brushless DC motors and digital speed controllers. ElectriCalc software - allows you to simulate an electric flight system for your model airplane with a battery pack, electronic speed control, motor, gearbox, and propeller.

Manzano Laser Works

The short kits include only the laser cut parts for building the airplanes described. Sticks, wire, etc must be provided by the builder. There are no instructions in short kits. Our WWI kits also include neoprene rubber cord for making the tires.

Full kits include the wood and wire pieces necessary to build the kit (no electronics or power). Wire is not bent. We include pink foam for carved sections. The WWI kits include neoprene cord for making your tires. Some include a vacuum formed parts to assist in the build. Crude instructions are included and these can also be downloaded for preview from the downloads page.

Maxx Products International, Inc

800-416-MAXX / Lake Zurich, IL

Resource for RC hobby products, parts, accessories. Mpi, Promax, Hitec, Futaba, etc.

MDW Aviation Associates, Inc

800-545-8777 / Bridgeview, IL

Aviation smoke oil for giant scale models.

MEC (Model Electronics Corporation)

866-507-9956 / Renton, WA

Manufacturer and supplier of motors, batteries, and gear boxes for electric powered R/C flight.

Mega Motor USA


Electric motors and accessories for RC models.


North Bergen, NJ

Offers a wide variety of high-technology R/C (radio-controlled) products that are extremely user friendly. Our philosophy is making unique products that are fun for kids and adults alike. Megatech promotes family interaction, education, competition and just pure fun.

Mike's Hobby Tools

320-528-2473 / Barrett, MN

Airbrushes, anvils & vises, brushes, clamps & clips, compressors, cutting wheels & mandels, dental picks & spatulas, drills & bits, and much more.

Micro Fasteners

800-892-6917 / Lebanon, NJ

For many years hobbyists and engineers have relied on Micro Fasteners' inventory of affordably priced socket screws, machine screws, locknuts, washers, sheet metal or self tapping screws, wood screws, other fasteners and related items in U.S. and metric sizes.

Mikro Designs, Inc

760-371-7546 / Ridgecrest, CA

Quality products for miniature aircraft.


631-981-0372 / Centereach, NY

A leader in the design and manufacture of electric flying model products. Modelair-Tech's primary thrust is belt and gear drive RPM reduction units. Efficient, lightweight electric model designs (plans) and some kits are also in the product line. Light weight vacuum- formed parts are available for many of the designs. Modelair-Tech also specializes in "engineering" power systems for the novice at electric model flight.

Model Engine Company of America

800-359-6972 / Sierra Madre, CA

Supplier of engines and accessories.

Model Rectifier Corporation (MRC)

732-225-2100 / Edison, NJ

Train controls and sound systems, model trains, plastic model kits, die cast models, battery chargers, RC vehicles, boats, helicopters, & planes, model engines, slot cars, flight simulators.

Modellbau USA

954-476-5572 / Sunrise, FL

Planes, engines, chargers.

Morgan Inc

800-424-9300 / Enterprise, AL

Cool Power, Omega, Sidewinder fuel, Home Brew, Cool Power Racing Oils.

Mountain Models

719-372-6727 / Penrose, CO

Our goal is to serve the radio control hobbyist by producing high- quality, laser cut electric aircraft kits that are durable, easy to build, and a joy to fly.

MSP Plans

Hants, UK

A collection of model aircraft designs mostly from the vintage and classic eras, selected for their aesthetic qualities or unique origins. They have been produced from original sources, photographs or sketches, recreating some models not previously published as plans. This has been done purely for the pleasure and satisfaction of doing so, and always to a high engineering standard of presentation. All drawings are A0 size, some as twin plans.

MTM International

Fax from the US 011 49 551 770 7736 / Germany

Specializes on small, and miniature electric airplane motors. Additionally, we offer micro-small electronic speed controllers, batteries, connectors, and lots of accessory items for electric airplane modeling.

Nelson Hobby Specialties


Aircraft kits, accessories, parts. LiteFAB polyester covering.

National Indoor Radio-controlled Aircraft Council

Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). NIRAC includes members from the United States and Canada. Indoor R/C modeling is among the most rapidly growing activities in the hobby today. We support and encourage indoor remote-control model aircraft designing, building, and flying.

Northeast Sailplane Products

802-655-7700 / Colchester VT

R/C sailplanes, electrics, and accessories.

Ornithopter Zone

585-482-3481 / Rochester, NY

These machines, called "ornithopters", really fly only by flapping their wings! They take off from your hand and fly just like a real bird. You can begin this fascinating hobby right now.

O.S. Engines

Airplane, helicopter, car, buggy, boat engines, glow plugs.

Park Flyer Plastics

817-233-1215 / North Richland Hills, TX

ParkFlyer plastics proudly produces high-quality parts formed to perfection that will add amazing detail to your models. These parts are designed by a USAF veteran and airline employee who is additionally an Expert class modeler and R/C pilot, and a renowned hobby author. They come in a variety of scales and will be sure to draw lots of compliments from admirers as your plane sits ready to fly on the grass.

ParkZone (A Horizon Hobby, Inc. brand)

800-338-4639 / Champaign, IL

Charge-and-Fly™ park flyers - J-3 Cub 3, F-27 Stryker, Slo-V.

P.A.W. Diesels

+44 (0)1625 423891 / Cheshire, UK

Progress Aero Works manufacturers of PAW diesel engines for model aeroplanes.

Peak Electronics, Inc

480-558-1996 / Gilbert, AZ

Provides top quality battery maintenance products and radio accessories to the discriminating modeler, now owns Sirius battery products.

Peck Polymers

619-448-1818 / Santee, CA

Wide variety of supplies for Free Flight modeling.


306-955-1836 / Canada

Micro receivers, chargers, lithium cells, micro servos, micro flying saucers, blimps, airplanes, desktop rovers.


420 272 767 916 / Czech Republic

Planes, controllers, motors, receivers, chargers, propellers.


512-285-9595 / Elgin, TX

Manufacturer of premium model engine fuel.

Radical RC

937-256-7727 / Dayton, OH

RC airplane kits, parts, & accessories.

Ram Radio Controlled Models

847-740-8726 / Round Lake Beach, IL

RC & railroad lighting systems, sound, control & power devices.

Razor Motors

Goleta, CA

Motors, controllers, prop adapters, geardrives.

RC Direct

888-291-2111 / San Diego, CA

Helicopters, gliders, motors, receivers, crystals, radio repair.

RCAT Systems

408-830-0745 / San Jose, CA

Supplier of reliable wireless data acquisition solutions and electronics products. After many years of testing, our products have been developed by seasoned flyers, modelers and industry professionals.

RC Showcase

301-374-2493 / Waldorf, MD

Engines, kits, accessories.

RCV Engines

+44 1202 877044 / UK

RCV Engines Limited have been developing and manufacturing their patented Rotary Cylinder Valve internal combustion engine for over 7 years.


866-472-8697 / Scottsdale, AZ

BalloonCraft 2000, E-GULL RTF Parkflyer, T-HAWK RTF Electric Airplane and more.


Champaign, IL

The ultimate R/C simulator is here! With over 5000 square miles of flying freedom; new, RealPhysics 3D; more powerful aircraft editor; improved InterLink™ Plus controller, and more.

Red Max Fuel

800-742-8484 / Clover, SC

Model fuels, racing oils & fuels.

Red Rocket Hobby Shop

877-854-0647 / Enterprise, OR

Featuring the newest radio controlled airplanes, boats, cars, airships, helicopters and hobby shop products, including replacement parts and accessories.

Retro RC

248-212-9666 / Keego Harbor, MI

Retro RC’s mission is to design, manufacture and sell high-quality model aircraft kits which will appeal to newcomers and old hands alike. We specialize in retro-looking designs and recreations of classic models from the golden age of modeling, the 1930’s & 40’s. All our kits are full laser-cut kits, not short kits. They contain all wood necessary, and a complete hardware package, as well as a high quality photo-illustrated construction manual. 

Rich Uravitch

321-728-0486 / Grant, FL

"Plans & Plastic" packages, scale accessories, jet kits.

Richmond RC Supply Ltd

877-727-2329 / Canada

World wide supplier of Radio Control products including adhesives, RC model aircraft kits, ARF aircraft, radio control equipment, model boats, model engines, batteries and related accessories.

RnR Products

408-946-4751/ Milpitas, CA

Composite radio control sailplanes, radio Control, 250 mph, powered, giant scale racers, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and remotely piloted vehicles (RPV), a diverse assortment of OEM custom composite structures including fully instrumented wind tunnel models.

Robart Mfg

630-584-7616 / St. Charles, IL

Large and small retractable landing gear, hinge point hinging systems, ball link control horns, tires, struts, and other accessories and tools.

RTL Fasteners

800-239-6010 / Chesapeake, VA

Why pay $4 for just 4 screws? We have hardware a a fraction of the cost.

RT Models

352-867-9836 / Ocala, FL

Planes & motors.



Large selection of batteries.

Sky Hooks & Rigging

905-257-2101 / Canada

Micro radio and construction supplies for electric free flight and indoor/outdoor radio control.

SkyKing RC Products

612-605-1128 / Minneapolis, MN

SkyKing RC Products, LLC is dedicated to “reissuing” high interest models that are no longer being produced by their original designers or makers. We are particularly interested in models designed for slope flying but we will be considering thermal duration models as well.

SIG Manufacturing

Balsa, spruce, maple, bass and plywood, paints, glow fuels and other chemicals, outstanding line of model aircraft in radio controlled, free flight and control line varieties, Build It Yourself (BIY) kits feature state-of-the-art laser cut parts for fast assembly and outstanding accuracy, Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) airplanes.

Slimline Products

480-967-5053 / Scottsdale, AZ

Exhaust systems, fuel system components.

SR Batteries

631-286-0079 / Bellport, NY

Batteries, aerodynamic toys, aviation-related products.

Startek International

800-638-8050 / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Offers an extensive line of CCTV & assorted video products including wireless video cameras & video transmitters, and more.

Stevens AeroModel

719-393-0830 / Colorado Springs, CO

Airplane kits, micro helicopter kits, robotics, model supplies.

Stits Lite by F & M Enterprises

A full-size aircraft fabric covering system created especially for model airplanes.

Sullivan Products

Premier manufacturer of high quality radio controlled model components and accessories.

Sunward Aerospace Group

416-953-1847 / Ontario, Canada

We produce an exciting and high quality line of wood kits, educational products, model rockets, jet fighter model rockets, parts, and components. 

SuperFly R/C

512-762-5167 / Georgetown, TX

Planes, accessories, kit combos.

Super Glue Corporation - Pacer Technology

800-538-3091 / Rancho Cucamonga, CA

ZAP glues, other adhesives & glues.

Superior Props (no website)

985-726-9673 / Slidell, LA

For those of you that like to build rubber models but don’t like to carve props, here’s the answer. Bob Gourdon provides props for all the Sam and Nostalgia era models, including Jimmy Allen, Sparky, Korda, Gollywock, Wake and Coupe designs. Freewheeler blanks in all sizes, plus a full line of folders and the hardware required for all types of rubber prop connections.

The Testor Corp

800-962-6654 / Rockford, IL

Airbrushes & accessories, finishing supplies, tools, model kits, games, paints, OEM products.

Thunder Power Batteries

702-228-8883 / Las Vegas, NV

Li-Poly packs, chargers/balancers.

TnT Landing Gear

419-868-5408 / Swanton, OH

Landing gear, props. wheels, fuel tubing, spinners & adapters, scale pilots, and more.

Todd's Models

888-202-5995 / Snoqualmie, WA

Chargers, motors, gyros, heatsinks, kits, prop adapters, propellers, receivers, servos, speed control, wheels.

Top Flight Monokote

217-398-8970 / Champaign IL

Shrink and adhesion plastic coverings.

Trinity Products, Inc

732-635-1600 / Edison, NJ

Car kits, TRC tires, nitro products, electric motors, bodies, batteries, accessories.


281-479-9600 / Deer Park, TX

Prop adapters, hubs, nuts, spinners, & wheels.

Vel-Tye LLC

800-769-2842 / Virginia Beach, VA

Develops and produces custom-made products made with genuine Velcro® brand hook and loop.

Vintage RC Plans

810-227-1174 / Howell, MI

Vintage R/C Plans does not sell kits, our focus is on plans and vacuum-formed plastic parts for selected plans. Please check our "Accessories and Supplies" page for links to some suppliers that we recommend and that may be able to help with your project. Our plans feature all Balsa wood construction, also using basswood and plywood as needed for robust construction. Cowls and wheel pants are typically plastic or fiberglass.  

Walston Retrieval Systems

770-434-4905 / Smyrna, GA

I've been shipping these systems for finding planes and rockets for over 20 years now. The systems have been used in everything from free flight and radio controlled aircraft to rockets. The transmitters use special crystals built to withstand up to 20,000 G's and have survived some absolutely devastating crashes without harm. The MODA 238 MVS long range transmitter weighs 3.5 grams with batteries and can be used in the smallest model aircraft or rockets. Using the TRX-3S Receiver, the signal can be picked up on the ground 2 to 2 1/2 miles away! The line of sight range is 15 to 20 miles and 20 to 90 miles air range and 2 to 9 miles ground range. 

Watt Age

Planes & replacement parts.

West Mountain Radio

203-853-8080 / Norwalk, CT

Computerized battery analyzers (CBA) & RIGrunner 12 Volt DC power panels RIGrunner 12 Volt DC power panels.

Weston UK

01588 630253 / UK

Model aircraft.

Wild R/C, Inc

Mojave, CA

IFO products & equipment, accessories, radio equipment, batteries & chargers, motor systems.

Wildcat Fuel

888-815-7575 / Nicholasville, KY

Model fuels.

Windrider R.S.B. Aviation Co., Ltd

852-27968723 / Hong Kong

RC planes, parts & accessories, batteries.

Windsor Propeller Company

Rancho Cordova, CA

Master Airscrew propellers,  modeling accessories, technical bulletins.

Wing Warrior

714-657-3612 / Huntington Beach, CA

Batteries, electric wings, slope wings, motors, replacement parts.

Wireless Video Cameras

951-301-7031 / Murrieta, CA

Wireless video camera systems and components

The World Models

(852) 2707 9783 / Hong Kong

ARF airplanes, boats, accessories.

W.S. Deans

714-828-6494 / Los Alamitos, CA

Plugs, wire, bars, pigtails, battery kits, solder, antennas, dischargers, speed jigs.

818-528-5532 / Arcadia, CA

Radio Control Toys are our specialty. Come browse our huge selection of RC products. We pride ourselves on our prompt and unparalleled customer service, so come and check out our selection of remote control toys.

Zenoah (Horizon Hobby)


ARF planes, kits, parts, ready-to-fly, engines, radios.

Zinger Propellers

310-539-2313 / Harbor City, CA

Propellers and spinners.

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