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Top Flite Ad from April 1951 Air Trails

Top Flite Ad, from April 1951 Air Trails - Airplanes and RocketsMaybe it is because my first R/C model airplane was a 1/2A Skylane, but I have always have a great admiration for Carl Goldberg, whose eponymously named company manufactured the kit. Sadly, both the man and his company are gone now. Mr. Goldberg, whose biology can be found on the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) website, aptly summarizes his contributions in the following statement, " 'Mr. Modeling,' title given by American Modeler magazine, hailed by expert builders and beginners alike as 'Expert Designer.' Carl is typical of the many designers who have come to the top from the rank of model builders and flyers and herein represents a host of individuals with similar talents...

Lego Releases International Space Station Set

Lego Releases International Space Station Set - Airplanes and Rockets"You'll soon be able to build your very own International Space Station (ISS), and it won't take half as long as the real version. Thanks to Lego's upcoming set you can own your own part of the iconic ISS. The set is due to go on sale on February 1st and comprises of 864 pieces. It comes complete with three cargo spacecraft, two astronaut minifigures, and a mini NASA space shuttle. To celebrate its launch, Lego sent the mini ISS made out of Lego bricks up to the stratosphere by using a giant weather balloon to 'get it as close to the real ISS.' According to Lego, the team asked NASA experts to approve of the design of the plastic brick set..."

Hyundai & Uber cooperate on flying taxis

Hyundai & Uber cooperate on flying taxis - Airplanes and Rockets"At the CES this year, Hyundai and Uber have announced their cooperative effort to build air taxis to be used on the Uber platform Elevate. The two companies also presented the S-A1, a prototype for such an electrically powered vertical take-off aircraft. The commercial launch of Uber Elevate is scheduled for 2023. Aircraft from various manufacturers are to be used there - one of them will probably be Hyundai. The Korean company only officially presented their 'Strategy 2025' roadmap at the beginning of December, under which the auto sector is to be converted into 'smart mobility devices' - including personal air vehicles (PAV). At the CES, Hyundai just presented a model of the S-A1 aircraft, which has a total of eight rotors - four of these have two blades and the other four have five rotor blades..."

Supermarine Spitfire Mk 2: 3-View

Supermarine Spitfire-2 (Mk 2): 3-View, May 1941 Flying Aces - Airplanes and RocketsThere is no such thing as too many 3-view drawings of the Supermarine Spitfire. This is the Mark 2 (Mk 2, or Mk II)version, inked by Leonard Wieczorek. According to the Wikipedia entry, Supermarine manufactured 24 variants (Mark, or Mk) of the Spitfire which included various combinations of engines and airframe configurations. A trainer version was amongst them. Some online accounts claim the Spitfire Mk II, with its 12-cylinder Rolls Royce Merlin engine, made its maiden flight on March 5, 1936. That means it was functional prior to the mid-1940 Battle of Britain, the event that put the Spitfire in the history books as formidable dogfighter in the hands of a skilled and valiant pilot. The Spitfire Mk V model, put into service in late 1940, was the most-produced, and last unpressurized version...

PigeonBot Uses Real Feathers

PigeonBot Uses Real Feathers - Airplanes and Rockets"Airplanes have a lot to learn from birds, and PigeonBot is teaching us about the magic of feathered flight. Birds have been doing their flying thing with flexible and feathery wings for about a hundred million years, give or take. And about a hundred years ago, give or take, humans decided that, although birds may be the flying experts, we're just going to go off in our own direction with mostly rigid wings and propellers and stuff, because it's easier or whatever. The few attempts at making artificial feathers that we've seen in the past have been sufficient for a few specific purposes but haven't really come close to emulating the capabilities that real feathers bestow on the wings of birds..."

Aerospace Companies Compete to Build Lunar Landers for NASA's Project Artemis

Aerospace Companies Compete to Build Lunar Landers for NASA's Project Artemis - Airplanes and Rockets"Blue Origin, Boeing, and SpaceX are among those proposing ships to put astronauts back on the moon by the end of 2024. After 50 years of lamenting that America had abandoned the moon, astronauts are in a rush again, trying to go back within five—and NASA has asked aerospace companies to design the lunar landers that will get them there. The project is called Artemis, and the agency is now reviewing proposals to build what it calls the Human Landing System, or HLS. In January, it says, it will probably select finalists. NASA had said a landing was possible by 2028. Then, the White House said to do it by 2024..."

Vintage Hobby Lobby Ad

Hobby Lobby Ad, August 1971 American Aircraft Modeler - Airplanes and RocketsOur grandparents used to tell us how one of the most disappointing aspects of growing older was having the lifelong familiar family, friends, and places disappear. Now that I'm in my sixties, hard as that is to believe, the scenario is unfolding before my eyes. Department stores like Montgomery Ward, Woolworth's, Britt's, and Sears & Roebuck are in the dustbin of history, as the saying goes. I really miss the garden and tool departments of Sears. Nearer and dearer to my heart are the missing hobby products and distributors. In the late 1960s when I first really was aware of radio control, a Kraft two-channel receiver/servo "brick" system was my objet de désir for a simple sailplane. I had to settle for a used three-channel OS Digital R/C system, and installed it in a Mark's Model Windward glider. Tower Hobbies, Hobby Lobby, Hobby Shack, Hobby People, and the like ran multi-page...

Virgin Galactic's 2nd Spaceship Completes Major Build Milestone

Virgin Galactic's 2nd Spaceship Completes Major Build Milestone - Airplanes and Rockets"Virgin Galactic has reached the 'Weight on Wheels' milestone in the build of its second commercial spaceship. In this milestone, all major structural elements of the vehicle were assembled, and the vehicle deployed its main landing gear and carried its own weight for the first time. The milestone signals strong progress in the manufacture of Virgin Galactic's space vehicle fleet by The Spaceship Company, VGH's wholly-owned aerospace development subsidiary. This Weight on Wheels milestone has been reached considerably faster than it took to get to this stage with the first spaceship in the Virgin Galactic fleet, VSS Unity, which is currently in flight test. This pace has been achieved through a more efficient, modular assembly process...

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Steadicopter Robotic Helicopter

Steadicopter Robotic Helicopter - RF Cafe"Steadicopter, one of the companies involved in the Rotary Unmanned Aerial Systems (RUAS) industry, recently unveiled its next generation Black Eagle 50 advanced lightweight unmanned robotic helicopter. New capabilities include an inertial navigation system with no dependence on GPS, as well as support for naval missions. Steadicopter's Black Eagle 50 unmanned helicopter has been upgraded with several additional new features and is tailored for naval missions with its robust mechanical and electronic capabilities that support flight in maritime environmental conditions. The company also recently signed a cooperative agreement with Israel Shipyards..."

Revell Shows Production System - How Plastic Kits Are Made

Revell Shows Production System - How Plastic Kits Are Made, May 1957 American Modeler Magazine - Airplanes and RocketsFounded in 1943, in the midst of World War II, Revell's staff of talented artists, sculptors, machinists, chemists, engineers, researchers, instruction writers, and assembly line workers have tuned out multiple millions of highly detailed scale plastic models of every mode of transportation ever devised, from every country that devised said modes of transportation. Revell also made scale scenery and people to compliment the models. They even made model of things that never really existed, like star ships and submarines that could explore 20,000 leagues under the sea. I use images from the box tops of many Revell kits for the Airplanes and Rockets website daily logos. Monogram (founded in 1945) and Revell merged in 1986...


NASA X-59 Quiet Supersonic Research Aircraft Cleared for Final Assembly

NASA X-59 Quiet Supersonic Research Aircraft Cleared for Final Assembly - RF Cafe"NASA's first large scale, piloted X-plane in more than three decades is cleared for final assembly and integration of its systems following a major project review by senior managers held Thursday at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The management review, known as Key Decision Point-D (KDP-D), was the last programmatic hurdle for the X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology (QueSST) aircraft to clear before officials meet again in late 2020 to approve the airplane's first flight in 2021. "With the completion of KDP-D we've shown the project is on schedule, it's well planned and on track. We have everything in place to continue this historic research mission for the nation's air-traveling public," said Bob Pearce, NASA's associate administrator..."

How Drones Protect Civilians in Armed Conflict

How Drones Protect Civilians in Armed Conflict - RF Cafe"Drones are usually in the news for bad reasons, like controversial killings of suspected terrorists in the Middle East, bombings of Saudi oil facilities or an assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. What many people may not know is that United Nations peacekeepers use drones to protect civilians from violence. These drones are different: They don't carry weapons. I have followed the U.N.'s use of drones since its beginning in 2013 and have spoken with peacekeepers and U.N. officers who are familiar with their use. I believe drones have the potential to save lives. But that doesn't mean they necessarily will..."

Covering Up - Tissue and Dope, by Peter Bowers

Covering Up - Tissue and Dope, May 1941 Flying Aces - Airplanes and RocketsPeter Bowers was a well-known designer and builder of both full-size and model airplanes. As an aeronautical engineer working for Boeing in Seattle, he was well qualified for his hobby pursuits of homebuilt airplanes and competition-class free flight airplanes. He was also an aviation photographer and historian with many books and magazine articles to his credit. Bowers' most famous creation is undoubtedly the Bowers Fly Baby monoplane, which won the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) contest in 1962 for the best low-cost, folding-wing plane that can be towed or trailered from home to and from the airport - the goal being to avoid expensive hanger or tie-down fees. The Fly Baby was much in the fashion of a large model as it was constructed almost entirely of wood...

Harbour Air Flies 1st Electric Beaver

Harbour Air Flies 1st Electric Beaver - Airplanes and Rockets"Harbour Air's all-electric-powered de Havilland Beaver took off for an inaugural flight test just after daybreak December 10 to the cheers of about two dozen people huddled on a chilly dock in Vancouver, British Columbia, as the distinctive seaplane ushered in a new era of aviation. Several thousand more also watched online as the yellow-and-navy magniX-powered seaplane retrofitted with a 750-horsepower magni500 propulsion system thundered into the air during a live social media broadcast. The fossil fuel-free aircraft partnership between North America's largest seaplane airline and Redmond, Washington-based electric propulsion venture magniX was announced in March..."

Drone Tracking Standards Developed by ASTM

Drone Tracking Standards Developed by ASTM - Airplanes and Rockets"A highly anticipated ASTM International standard is designed to satisfy the growing demand for better identification and tracking of unmanned aircraft systems - commonly known as drones. Similar to the function of a car license plate, the Remote ID standard supports technology that allows the general public and public safety officials to identify a drone using an assigned ID, while preserving the privacy of the drone pilot's personal information. The standard, which will be published in the coming weeks with the designation F3411, was developed by the ASTM International unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) committee (F38)..."

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The Science Behind Epoxies

The Science Behind Epoxies - Airplanes and RocketsMya Rae Nelson has an excellent article in the current issue of Fine Woodworking magazine entitled, "The Science Behind Epoxies." I was surprised to read that epoxy has only been around since the 1940s, so when I first used it in the early 1970s, it was only a three decade old technology. As with cellphones, now that we have epoxy, how did we ever get along without it? Ms. Nelson uses layman terms to describe the molecular makeup of both the epoxy resin and the hardener, and describes how the bonds between the resin atoms are broken then reestablished with the insertion of  hardener atoms into the matrix. If you attended classes for and understood the basics of chemistry, that will help with understanding the technical side of epoxy curing and strength, but even without the nerd knowledge you will still gain a better understanding of how this indispensible modeler's brew works.

When Giant Airplanes Ruled the Sky

When Giant Airplanes Ruled the Sky - Airplanes and Rockets"The Great War triggered a trend toward big flying machines. Really big. I had been warned that there wasn't much left of the airplane that designer Gianni Caproni had intended to be a transatlantic flying boat - the Noviplano - which had crashed and broken apart concluding its first and final flight, on March 4, 1921. There wasn't. I'd trekked up into the Italian Alps to the Caproni museum in Trento only to learn that a small section of the hull and other pieces from the wreck of the Noviplano were in storage, awaiting conservation. Next I took the train to the Volandia Museum of Flight, just outside the perimeter fence of Milan's Malpensa international airport. I was ushered inside to meet Gregory Alegi, a Yale-educated Italian journalist, defense analyst, and aviation historian..."

Tango Flight Turns High Schoolers into Airplane Builders

Tango Flight Turns High Schoolers into Airplane Builders - Airplanes and Rockets"At one time or another, you've probably supported your local high school by buying candy. Now you have another option: purchasing an airplane, built by the students themselves. The students are participants in a program created in 2016 by the nonprofit Tango Flight, which got its start by raising $90,000 in Georgetown, Texas. Since then, Tango Flight has expanded to five other cities across the country, boosted by funding from Airbus and local sponsors, such as the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire. 'It's really amazing to see the aviation community come together and support this,' says Tango Flight co-founder Dan Weyant. 'Most of the folks in this business recognize that we are in desperate need to bring younger new folks into it either as a hobby or as a career..."

Digital Twin of UAV Provides Predictive Maintenance

Digital Twin of UAV Provides Predictive Maintenance - Airplanes and Rockets"Researchers in the U.S. have developed a high speed digital twin of a custom built drone to monitor its reliability and predict potential failures. The Dynamic Data-Driven Application Systems (DDDAS) digital twin project includes researchers from University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), MIT, Akselos and drone maker Aurora Flight Sciences. The twin represents each component of the UAV, as well as its integrated whole, using physics-based models that capture the details of its behaviour. The digital twin also uses on-board sensor data from the UAV and integrates that information with the model to create real-time predictions of the health of the vehicle. 'It's essential that UAVs monitor their structural health..."

Flyin' Jenny Comic Strips: January 30, 1944 Baltimore Sun

Flyin' Jenny Comic Strips: January 30, 1944 Baltimore Morning Sun - Airplanes and RocketsThis is the Sunday, January 30, 1944, "Flyin' Jenny" comic strip. The Baltimore Sun newspaper, published not far from where I grew up near Annapolis, Maryland, carried "Flyin' Jenny" from the late 1930s until the strip ended in the mid 1940s, so I saved a couple dozen from there. The first one I downloaded has a publication date of December 7, 1941 - that date "which will live in infamy," per President Roosevelt. Many Americans were receiving word over the radio of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor while reading this comic at the breakfast table. I expect that soon there will be World War II themes. "Flyin' Jenny," whose real name was Virginia Dare (what's in a name?), was a test pilot for Starcraft Aviation Factory who divided her time between wringing out new airplane designs and chasing bad guys. She was the creation of artist and storyteller Russell Keaton...

Where the Action Is: Control Line

Where the Action Is: Control Line - January 1972 American Aircraft Modeler - Airplanes and RocketsWebsite visitor Barb H. wrote to ask that I provide her with a copy of the page in the January 1972 issue of American Aircraft Modeler that her brother, David Downey, had a suggestion of his printed. It appeared in the "Where the Action Is: Control Line" column. John Blum wrote the "Carrier and Stunt" section and mentions David's idea of using a section of neoprene tubing around the outside of the elevator pushrod in order to minimize flexing under load. The tubing is to be glued to the fuselage structure in three inch or less interval along its length. Interestingly, Mr. Downey submitted his entry from Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, which today is the seventh largest city in Brazil. The column also has a report which is funny in retrospect, but was potentially very dangerous at the time...

Indoor Free Flight Supply

Indoor Free Flight Supply - Airplanes and RocketsAn article appeared in the January 2020 issue of Model Aviation magazine extolling the virtues of Indoor Free Flight Supply for their making available an assortment of hard-to-find accessories. Some are specialty hardware items and others are high precision tools and devices for assisting the serious indoor free flight competitor gain an edge over others in the challenge. Examples include all-metal geared winders with a dial indicator tracking the number of winds, a torque meter, and a contest rubber cutter with micrometer adjustments and a self-sharpening blade that achieves perpendicular (vs. undesirable trapezoidal) edges.

Amateur Sleuth Helps Locate Crash Site of India's Vikram Moon Lander

Amateur Sleuth Helps Locate Crash Site of India’s Vikram Moon Lander - Airplanes and Rockets"An Indian software developer and mechanical engineer combing through high-resolution imagery captured by a NASA spacecraft has located debris scattered on the lunar surface in September by the crash of the Vikram lander, India's first probe to attempt a soft touchdown on the moon, NASA said Monday. A camera mounted on NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has recorded images of the Vikram spacecraft's target landing site since Indian ground controllers lost contact with probe Sept. 6 during final descent to the moon. The robotic Vikram lander was descending toward a landing zone around 373 miles from the moon's south pole..."

With the Model Builders, May 1941 Flying Aces

With the Model Builders, May 1941 Flying Aces - Airplanes and RocketsMost magazines, whether hobby, professional, news, or otherwise focused, contain a section that features what its readers are up to. Typically included is some combination of reader comments, photos, editorial contents, contest reports, etc. Flying Aces magazine's version of that was "With the Model Builders." There was not much in the way of radio control in 1941 when this column appeared, so it had free flight and control line models. One photo showed a guy who was getting ready to go into the Army to fight Hitler's and Tojo's minions passing his penchant for aeromodeling on to his little sister...

BlackBird: The Airborne Version of Über

BlackBird: The Airborne Version of Über - Airplanes and RocketsBlackBird appears to be an airborne version of Über car ride service. If you need to quickly get from point A to point B and can't do it by scheduled planes, trains, or automobiles, hail your ride with Black Bird. I was not familiar with the service prior to seeing in a news item regarding the FAA being concerned over whether the pilots and airplanes are properly certified to provide flights. BlackBird believes its participating pilots know the law and comply as needed. If you elect to use the service, be sure to inquire whether your escort is fully qualified by the FAA.

Chinese Mars Rover Landing Trial Ahead of 2020 Launch

Chinese Mars Rover Landing Trial Ahead of 2020 Launch - Airplanes and Rockets"China has performed a hover and hazard avoidance test on a model the country's first Mars rover, while engineers ready the real spacecraft for launch toward the red planet in mid-2020. Comprising an orbiter, lander and rover, the mission aims to become the first Chinese spacecraft to reach Mars after lifting off aboard a Long March 5 rocket - the country's most powerful launcher - during a several week window opening in July 2020. The mission will launch from the Wenchang space center on Hainan Island, China's newest spaceport. China invited ambassadors and envoys from 19 countries..."

Airbus-Amprius Partnership Boosts Zephyr Project

Airbus-Amprius Partnership Boosts Zephyr Project - Airplanes and Rockets"Airbus Defence and Space has invested in US-based battery technology company Amprius, to boost the development of new generation batteries based on silicon nanowire anode technology. The investment will help drive the development of higher volume production capacity, and cells with higher energy density for programmes such as the Zephyr high altitude pseudo satellite and Urban Air Mobility innovation initiatives. Amprius was the first company to introduce 100% silicon anodes in lithium ion batteries to the market in 2013. It manufactures the highest energy density commercial batteries in the industry. The company's products and technology include a 100 per cent silicon nanowire anode, silicon-graphite composite anodes, lithium-rich cathodes..."

The Air Navy

The Air Navy, from April 1951 Air Trails - Airplanes and RocketsThe U.S. Navy's relationship with model aviation used to be very significant, even to the extent that for many years the service sponsored the Academy of Model Aeronautics' (AMA) annual National Model Airplane (the Nats) contest. Navy bases served as the venue for the meets and a large number of Navy personnel provided assistance with organization, facilities preparation and management, promotion, event management, and awards ceremonies. The stated purpose was to foster the love of aviation in young men along with a familiarity with the Navy's environment so that when they came of age, enlistment - or commission - would be a natural progression...

UAVs and UGVs Ready to Serve on the Battlefield

UAVs and UGVs Ready to Serve on the Battlefield and Beyond - Airplanes and Rockets"Human forces are relying more on UGVs, UAVs, and other robotic systems to perform critical and dangerous tasks plus serve as intelligent machine partners. Machines no longer require the press of a button to start the power, especially for military missions. Autonomy is coming rapidly to robots and unmanned machines for military applications. They come in the forms of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) that can function without an operator, with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) and environmental sensors. Significant investments by governments on behalf of military robotic applications are literally driving autonomous robotic technologies full speed ahead toward the vision of a battlefield where humans and machines team as partners..."

Radar-Based Counter Drone Solution for Airports

Radar-Based Counter Drone Solution for Airports - Airplanes and Rockets"In response to recent threats of rogue and errant drones launched against airports and other critical facilities, infrastructure and events, 34 North Drones, a leading commercial drone service provider, has partnered with IDS North America to offer and install the NO-DRONE radar counter drone system for all government and civilian clients in need of protection. IDS is a leading software company that designs, develops, and distributes software for air navigation, security, and the defense sector. The NO-DRONE radar detection system evolved from a proven and existing military battlefield solution originally tuned to recognize small objects such as incoming mortar, artillery and rocket fire..."

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Sears "Discoverer" Model 6345 90 mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope

Sears "Discoverer" Model 6345 90 mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope - Airplanes and RocketsBeginning in the mid 1960s, Sears catalogs contained some pretty nice equatorial mount, refractor telescopes. The f15, 60 mm (2.3") "Discoverer" Model 6305 appeared in the 1967 catalog for $99.98, which in 2019 money is the equivalent of $763.49 (per the BLS CPI calculator). Then, in 1970 this f15.5, 90 mm (3.5") Model 6345 was offered for $499.95, or the equivalent of $3,401.88 (per the CPI calculator). Yow, I'm guessing not many of those were sold, especially as evidenced by the lack of available 6345 models that show up on astronomy forums and on eBay. Although not mentioned in the description, there appears to be a motor drive on the right ascension axis. Five oculars (0.975" ?) are included along with a special rotatable prism that holds all five - pretty convenient if it works well. Otherwise, it has the same set of accessories...

U.S. and Soviet Attempts at Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Ended in Failure

U.S. and Soviet Attempts at Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Ended in Failure - Airplanes and Rockets"In the 1950s, people dreamed of using nuclear energy to power all manner of transport — from cars to airplanes to airships. In the U.S. the father of the nuclear reactor, Enrico Fermi, envisioned a nuclear-powered aircraft, while in the USSR, the chief designer of the Soviet atomic bomb, Aleksandr Kurchatov, thought nuclear-powered 'heavy aircraft' could be built. A nuclear-powered bomber seemed a no-brainer since it could theoretically stay aloft indefinitely, providing an effective deterrent to a nuclear attack. Both the U.S. and the Soviet Union researched nuclear-powered aircraft, but neither country developed an active-duty version due to problems inherent in the design. These included shielding air and ground crews from radiation (see also A-Power Transport)..."

Special Theme Crossword Puzzle December 15

Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle December 15, 2019 - RF CafeThis week's puzzle features words and clues, marked with an asterisk (*), regarding a momentous event which took place this week on December 17, 1903. As with my hundreds of previous engineering and science-themed crossword puzzles, this one contains only clues and terms associated with engineering, science, physical, astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, etc., which I have built up over nearly two decades. Many new words and company names have been added that had not even been created when I started in the year 2002. You will never find a word taxing your knowledge of a numbnut soap opera star or the name of some obscure village in the Andes mountains. You might, however, encounter...

Testor Corporation's Christmas Message

Testor Corporation's Christmas Message, January 1961 American Modeler Magazine - Airplanes and RocketsOnce upon a time in America, many companies big and small, privately owned and publically controlled, and even federal, state, and local governments freely and openly sent Christmas messages to patrons and subjects, confident that the vast majority of recipients would gratefully accept the spirit of the intended sentiment. Such was this 1961 greeting from the Testors company in American Modeler magazine. I today's easily - or falsely - offended world, only the brave who do not fear retribution dare to wish someone a Merry Christmas without first ascertaining the likely response. From the Airplanes and rockets website, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!..."

Airbus-Backed Tournament Unveils 1st Electric Racing Aircraft

Airbus-Backed Tournament Unveils 1st Electric Racing Aircraft - Airplanes and Rockets"An Airbus-backed air racing tournament unveiled an electric-powered sports aircraft on Sunday, billed as the world's first, as the European plane maker seeks to boost its green aerospace technology. Several companies, including U.S. ride-hailing company Uber Technologies, are working on electric-powered flying cars, amid increasing concerns about the environmental impact of fossil-fuel intensive air travel. Last month, Airbus rival Boeing announced a partnership with automaker Volkswagen's sports car brand, Porsche, to develop a concept electric flying vehicle capable of transporting people in urban environments..."

UPS Chalks up Another Drone Delivery 1st

UPS Chalks up Another Drone Delivery 1st - Airplanes and Rockets"UPS this week announced the first two revenue-generating residential deliveries of prescribed medicines to consumers. Its drone delivered the prescription medications from a CVS pharmacy in Cary, North Carolina, to a consumer's home, and to a customer in a retirement community, both on November 1. An M2 drone developed by UPS partner Matternet made the deliveries. The drone flew autonomously but was monitored by a remote operator who could intervene if needed. In each case, it hovered about 20 feet above the delivery destination and lowered its package to the ground using a winch and cable..."

The Demise of PAA-Load Competitions

No Strings Attached, December 1961 American Modeler Magazine - Airplanes and RocketsIn this December 1961 issue of American Modeler magazine, editor Bill Winter laments the termination of Pan American Airways' (PAA) sponsorship of the popular PAA-Load contesting event. For the previous 14 years, Pan Am underwrote expenses and created, monitored, wrote the rules for, publicized, convened contests, and awarded prizes for an aspect of model airplane building and flying meant to encourage youngsters to be involved in the design, flying and strategic planning of creating a platform which would carry large amounts of weight at low power. According the Mr. Winter, the PAA-Load event might have been too successful for its own good. As with most kinds of competitions with high participation, dedicated participants finely tuned their designing, building, and flying skills to the point where newcomers...