September 1949 Air Trails Hobbies for Young Men
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September 1949 Air Trails
September 1949 Air Trails Cover - Airplanes and RocketsTable of Contents

These pages from vintage modeling magazines like Flying Aces, Air Trails, American Modeler, American Aircraft Modeler, Young Men, Flying Models, Model Airplane News, R/C Modeler, captured the era. All copyrights acknowledged.

September 1949

Vol. XXXII, No. 6


Aerial Hot-Rods: History of the Thompson Trophy Race, by John L. MacKenzie 21
Models + Marquardt = Ramjets, by Don Downie 24
Air Progress - The Stinson Story, by Douglas Rolfe 36
AT's Post-War Motor Roundup 38
Macchi MB-308, by Cristo Russo 48
Hydro Hints, by NACA BrainBusters Club 50
Roland D-2 Wahlfisch, by D. A. Newell 52
World's Largest Model Meet 55
½A Cub Controller Article & Plans, by Walter A. Musciano 56
Sketch Book 58
Testor's Piper Cub Super Cruiser 67
Douglas Model Distributors 68
Victor Aerosearch AeroGloss 68
Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) License & Membership Form 70


Table of Contents for September 1949 Air Trails - Airplanes and Rockets



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