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Model Aviation Crossword Puzzle #3

Back around 2000, I submitted a few model aviation themed crossword puzzles to the Academy of Model Aeronautics' monthly magazine, Model Aviation. After many months, Mr. Bob Hunt responded saying that he had just assumed the position of editor for the "If It Flies" column, and that he would be interested in publishing the crosswords. So, six of the puzzles appeared in 2001 editions.

Today, while searching through some old files, I ran across the document that I originally submitted, and I figured it might be nice to make them available to visitors to the Airplane and Rockets website. Enough time has gone by now that I hope they don't mind that I have reproduced them here.

Here are links to all of the crossword puzzles:

#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6

Model airplane Crossword Puzzle #3 - Airplanes and Rockets


1 Area between ribs

4 Pull up prior to touchdown

8 Garbage

12 Premier model aviation organization

15 Device used to clock aircraft speed

17 Path that a propeller tip takes

18 Edge of a dope jar

19 Son of Abraham

21 Result

22 Do you fly model airplanes?

23 I've ___ to meet a modeler I didn't like

24 One of the gifts of the Magi

25 State in AMA District IV

26 State in AMA District III

27 Wood sorrel

29 Not hers

30 State in AMA District V

31 State in AMA District V

32 State in AMA District VI

33 Room within a harem

35 Songbird

37 Penny

38 Atomic mass unit

39 ___ Scholl, of Super Chipmunk fame

41 Boeing P-26 ___-Shooter

42 Premier organization for model rocket enthusiasts

43 On sheltered side

44 ____muffin

45 Eccentric mechanism

46 Charlie Brown's expression

47 Use a jig ___ for cutting aircraft plywood

48 One who flies competitive aircraft for profit

51 British nobleman

53 Epoxy does this (if mixed correctly)

55 Allow

56 Crash your plane

58 She ___ what it takes to fly competitively

59 Trim implement on a control surface

60 Fluid part of blood

62 Simpler

64 What kind of fuel ___ you using?

65 Where aircraft carriers operate

66 Military part numbering system prefix

67 State in AMA District IX

68 Fish eggs

69 Computer department

70 State in AMA District I

71 Attempt an FAI record

72 Honey, I'm going __ the flying field now

73 Radio modulation type

74 Landing gear

75 State in AMA District V

76 Soaring club in Riverside, CA

77 Put the plane away for the winter

79 They come after ems

80 Control line

81 Perform

82 Middle Eastern salad

88 Zodiacal constellation for most of August

89 Before

90 Adjust the needle valve

91 Emotion following a successful flight

97 _____ the elevator to pitch the nose upward

98 Type of CL racer

99 Back seat airplane occupant

100 Argot

102 Cyanoacrylate

103 Abbreviation for AMA District V possession

105 Pulled up to take off

107 I ___ going to fly yesterday, but it rained

108 "Only ___ Best From U.S. Hobby"

110 Portable bed

111 Dude's place

113 Resinous deposit

114 Fairy queen

116 Statute

117 Period of history

118 Black bird

119 Lyric poem

120 Number of wings on a monoplane

121 Wrath

122 17th letter of the Greek alphabet

123 Gun the engine

124 1/60th of a min.

125 Operated the engine

126 Centers of gravity

127 9th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

128 Airtight ring at bottom of carburetor

129 Unnecessarily

130 Supplications

131 Son of Isaac and Rebekah


1 Type of electrical plug

2 Printed sale announcements in Model Aviation

3 Holly shrub

5 Grain direction of covering material

6 Ring of color

7 Model Aviation column by Paul Kopp - 2000

9 Reach this department at AMA phone extension 270

10 Festival

11 Capable at flying

12 Institution for mentally ill

13 Impair

14 Canton in N Switzerland

15 Special feature articles on commercial airplane kits

16 Readjust

19 What an Australian sailor would declare

20 Rejuvenates batteries

28 Wing loading quotients

29 Shrinks Monokote

34 Organize a contest

36 Local annual outdoor festival

37 Develop a new airplane design

38 Cherry-like fruit

40 Cuts grooves on screw or nut

41 Pennsylvania Air National Guard Association

47 Thou _____ not leave thy transmitter on in the impound

49 Omniscient Brotherhood of Elite Academic Highbrows, abbr.

50 Month when the Toledo show usually occurs

52 Not former

53 What's the ______ to your perfect tissue covering jobs?

54 Rendezvous

55 Hardware to hold the fuel tank access hatch closed

57 Fernando _____, FF Sport and Scale columnist in Model Aviation - 2000

61 Come in dead last in a fly-off

63 Sea eagle

78 N____, the USAF's facility in Cheyenne Mountain

83 WWI British biplane manufacturer

84 British Aircraft Association

85 Castor and synthetic are used in glow fuels

86 May I ___ your rubber winder?

87 Desk with slanted top

92 Series of steps required to complete a task

93 Aircraft parking area

94 Highest mountain in Crete

95 Used in an emergency landing aboard an aircraft carrier

96 Recluse

100 Russian country house

101 Number of wings on a triplane

102 Nose ____ on rockets

104 Type of altimeter

105 Maximum safe separation between TX and RX

106 Ventures

107 Item at a modeling swap shop

109 Overhanging lower edge of a roof

110 Engine body

112 Sandy tract

113 Plural of locus

115 Second letter of the Greek alphabet

Model airplane Crossword Puzzle #3 Solution - Airplanes and Rockets

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