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"Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible." Lord Kelvin, 1895

FAA Grants 1st Approval for Night Commercial UAV Flights

FAA Grants 1st Approval for Night Commercial UAV Flights - Airplanes and Rockets"For the first time, the FAA has authorized commercial night flights by a UAV operator. The U.S. branch of Toronto-based Industrial Skyworks has been given the authority to conduct aerial inspections of buildings and roofs using specially-equipped UAVs flown by qualified pilots, according to The Wall Street Journal. The FAA had previously required all commercial activity to end at sunset. In a 24-page decision, FAA flight standards service chief John Duncan said that the ruling came after 16 months ..."

Low-Boom Supersonic Jet in Development

Low-Boom Supersonic Jet in Development - Airplanes and RocketsThe sonic boom created by previous supersonic passenger aircraft such as Concorde led to them being restricted to trans-oceanic journeys. However, Spike claims its S-512 Supersonic Jet will be able to break the sound barrier with a diminished sonic boom, opening up trans-continental routes across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. 'Sure, there is a market for high-boom supersonic jets that only fly over water,' said Vik Kachoria, Spike Aerospace president and CEO. 'But there is a much bigger demand for low-boom jets that can fly supersonic everywhere ..."

Lockheed C-130 Hercules Control Line Model

Lockheed C-130 Hercules Control Line Model, June 1956 Young Men • Hobbies • Aviation • Careers - Airplanes and RocketsThe Lockheed C-130 has long been my favorite post-World War II four-engine airplane, and I have vowed to someday build a control line model of it. This construction article from a 1956 issue of Young Men magazine might provide just the impetus needed to start the process since it includes highly detailed plans and assembly drawings. Lockheed toolmaker Henry 'Hank' Edwards designed and built the original model using first two .19 engines and then converting to four .09 engines. My model, if it ever becomes a reality, will use four brushless electric ...

Comic from the June 1960 Aeromodeller, page 323

Comic from June 1960 Aeromodeller (p323) - Airplanes and RocketsThis aeromodelling comic appeared in the June 1960 issue of the British modeling magazine Aeromodeller. This is the first comic on page 8 of many comics from vintage editions of American Modeler, Air Trails, Flying Models, and other great publications of yesteryear. A list of links to the other comics are at the bottom of the page. Enjoy ...

DuBro Tri-Star Helicopter Photos and Instruction Manual

DuBro Tri-Star Helicopter - Airplanes and RocketsA couple months ago I bought a vintage DuBro Tri-Star radio controlled helicopter on eBay, after waiting years for one to become available for sale that was both affordable and in good condition. This one is in like-new shape and appears to never have been flown or even have had the OS 40 engine run other than maybe on a bench for breaking in. It came with the engine and fuel tank installed, but not with a radio. An instruction manual did not accompany it; however, thanks to the efforts of a fellow heli modeler who provided scans of his Tri-Star manual I was able to create a PDF version of the original, complete with detailed assembly drawings ...

Antique Airplane Mailbox

Antique Airplane Mail Box, April 1956 Young Men • Hobbies • Aviation • Careers - Airplanes and RocketsHere is nifty weekend project that can be accomplished by any modeler capable of building an airplane from plans. In fact, it's even simpler because you don't have to worry about weight, perfect airframe alignment and rigging, and a can or two of Rustoleum spray primer and paint make for easy finishing. The assembly drawing recommends that you "punch or paint holes to simulate exhausts," but I strongly advise against punching holes in the mailbox because #1: it is illegal to alter the mailbox since it is officially the property of the U.S. Post Office, and #2: your mail might get wet. Definitely paint the holes ...

Silicon and Graphene Achieve Lithium-Ion Battery Greatness

Silicon and Graphene Combo Finally Achieve Lithium-Ion Battery Greatness - RF Cafe"Silicon electrodes crack and break after just a short number of charge/discharge cycles. Meanwhile, the use of graphene on electrodes is limited because graphene's attractive surface area is only possible in single stand-alone sheets, which don't provide enough volumetric capacitance. Layer the graphene sheets on top of each other to gain that volumetric capacity, and you begin to lose that attractive surface area. Now researchers at Kansas State University claim to have developed a technique that uses silicon oxycarbide that makes the combination of silicon and graphene achieve its expected greatness as an electrode material ..."

Russian Company Set to Usher in Era of Suborbital Tourism

Russian Company Set to Usher in Era of Suborbital Tourism - Airplanes and Rockets"A Russian privately owned company called CosmoCourse declared its intent to create a reusable suborbital tourist spacecraft. According to CosmoCourse's CEO Pavel Pushkin, he came up with the idea of suborbital tourism back in 2013 when he was working at Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center. 'We were reviewing various concepts of commercial space rockets and came up with the idea of launching people into space via suborbital trajectory. We met an investor who wanted to participate in some kind of space project, and decided that suborbital tourism would be the best ..."

CRACUNS Drone Can Hide Secretly Underwater for Months

CRACUNS Drone Can Hide Secretly Underwater for Months - Airplanes and Rockets"Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel (APL), Maryland, have developed an innovative unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can stay on station beneath the water, then launch into the air to perform a variety of missions. The Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System - or CRACUNS - is a submersible UAV that can be launched from a fixed position underwater, or from an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). A team from APL's Force Projection Sector worked with fabrication ..."

Kinks: 1957 Model Airplanes News

Kinks, March 1957 Model Airplane News - Airplanes and RocketsNecktie, lifestyle, and furniture styles tend to go in and out of fashion every couple decades, and so, evidently, do model airplane finishing methods. According to some reports, an increasing number of aircraft modelers are painting their creations these days, as opposed to using pre-tinted iron-no covering. That is to say those modelers within dwindling number of people who both to build and cover their own creations at all. Since at any point in time there are folks entirely new to the procedure for masking off and painting a structure, this 'Kink' from a 1957 issue of Model Airplane News will be appropriate. There is also a homemade control line handle not too much unlike the one I recently made for myself ...

Lucile Wright Air Museum & Planetarium, Jamestown, NY

Lucile M. Wright Air Museum and Planetarium, Jamestown, New York - Airplanes and RocketsJust before Christmas 2015, Melanie and I made a trip to Jamestown, New York, and visited Lucile M. Wright Air Museum. Is it located in downtown Jamestown at 300 North Main Street. There are plenty of areas with unmetered parking, so save yourself a couple quarters by driving a block or two to find it. Admission is free. We were met at the door by Mr. Christopher Centi, Planetarium Director and Space Science Coordinator. Since we were the sole visitors at the time, Chris provided a very informative, personal tour. There was a good reason why we were alone in there - unbeknownst to us, the museum had officially closed for the day a couple minutes before our arrival. It wasn't until after leaving that we realized Chris stayed around for thirty minutes just for our sake ...

Pouring and Covering with Microfilm

Pouring and Covering with Microfilm, February 1971 American Aircraft Modeler - Airplanes and RocketsEven though I have never attempted to build a model covered with microfilm, it is easy to appreciate what a delicate task properly preparing the solution, covering the frame, and handling the delicate airframe is, along with the precision handling required to obtain the correct film thickness and coverage. There have probably been improvements in microfilm solutions and airframe materials and gluing techniques, but ultimately you need to form the film on the wing, tail, and propeller surfaces., so this article should still be useful for contemporary indoor flyers ...

Japan Succeeds in Test Flight of 1st Stealth Fighter Jet

Japan Succeeds in Test Flight of 1st Stealth Fighter Jet - Airplanes and Rockets"Japan's first stealth fighter jet successfully took to the skies on Friday as the country joins a select group of world military powers wielding the radar-dodging technology. Technological super power Japan, despite strict constitutional constraints on the use of military force imposed after World War II, has one of the world's most advanced defence forces and the development of the stealth fighter comes as it faces new security challenges in the form of China's expanding force posture. The domestically developed X-2 jet took off from Nagoya airport in central Japan on its maiden test flight as dozens of aviation ..."

Model Engine Import Review

Model Engine Import Review, March 1957 Model Airplane News - Airplanes and RocketsFour new imported model airplane engines - three diesel and one glow fuel - are extensively reviewed in this 1957 issue of Model Airplanes News. All are without throttle (R/C was very new at the time). The glow fuel powered Enya 15 Model 3101 with bushed bearings arrived from Japan. A Frog 249 and Elfin diesel, both from England, incorporated twin ball bearings on the drive shaft. Finally, from Germany came the Graupner Taifun Super 21, also with a pair of ball bearings ...

Antique Dining Room Table Redesign

Antique Dining Room Table Redesign - Airplanes and RocketsWhen Melanie's mother needed to be moved into an extensive care facility, we inherited the family's antique dining room table. According to marking burned into the frameworks, it was manufactured by the James Pleukharp company, located in Ohio. Similar models were made sometime in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The rounded end panels drop down and the center section expands to hold up to six leaf panels to a total of 105". With no leaves the table is nearly round with a 45" diameter. A very greenish poplar comprises the solid 3/4" tabletop and turned legs, with oak used for the sliding expansion mechanism. Surprisingly, a thick walnut plank ran across the frame to support the center leg. Perhaps due to the average person ...

Branson's 'Mini Concorde' for 'Affordable' Supersonic Flight

Richard Branson's 'Mini Concorde' Promises 'Affordable' Spersonic Flight - Airplanes and Rockets"Sir Richard Branson is set to order 10 supersonic jets, which the manufacturer claims will herald a new era of 'affordable' supersonic travel. The airline tycoon has confirmed that Virgin has options to buy 10 of the recently revealed supersonic Boom jets, which will be capable of flying at 1,451 mph - about 100 mph faster than Concorde - and reaching New York from London in three and a half hours. The Boom jet is being built by former Amazon executive ..."

'Mad' Mike Hughes to Fly in Rocket Across Texas Canyon

'Mad' Mike Hughes Plans to Fly in His Rocket Across Texas Canyon - Airplanes and Rockets"A California daredevil plans to travel to Texas to cross the country's second-largest canyon in a rocket - and he's aware he might leave the state in a casket. 'It's crazy! I'm gonna strap myself to a rocket and launch myself like Wile E. Coyote,' said 'Mad' Mike Hughes in a phone interview with Daily Mail Online on Thursday. His crossing of the Palo Duro Canyon is scheduled for April 2. Hughes, 60, has already tried the feat once, in a desert 'in the middle of ..."

Air Warfare - Phase III

Air Warfare - Phase III, November 1950 Air Trails - Airplanes and RocketsIf Frank Tinsley was still writing articles for Air Trails magazine as he did in November of 1950, he would be up to at least Air Warfare Phase IX, depending on how you count our air wars / engagements. The Korean War officially ran from June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953, so the Air Warfare Phase III installment was right at the beginning. Vietnam (November 1, 1955 – April 30, 1975) would have been Phase IV, the Gulf War (August 2, 1990 – February 28, 1991) counts as Phase V, Bosnia (April 6, 1992 – December 14, 1995) counts as Phase VI, Yugoslavia (March 24, 1999 – June 10, 1999) is Phase VII, the Iraq War (March 20, 2003 – December 18, 2011) is Phase VIII, and Afghanistan ...

Skinny Wing to Reduce Fuel and Emissions by 50%

Slimmed-down Aircraft Wing Expected to Reduce Fuel and Emissions by 50% - Airplanes and Rockets"Every bit of weight on an aircraft increases the fuel, emissions and money required to put it in the air. NASA and Boeing have been working together to design a longer, thinner and lighter wing – so different from typical commercial transport aircraft wings that it requires a brace, or truss, to provide the wing extra support. Researchers expect the lighter weight, lower drag truss-braced wing to reduce both fuel burn and carbon emissions by at least 50% over current technology transport aircraft, and by 4 to 8% ..."

Boeing Jobs Cuts in 2016 Could Reach 10%

Boeing Jobs Cuts in 2016 Could Reach 10% - Airplanes and Rockets"Since Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Ray Conner announced a drive to cut the workforce six weeks ago, his team has taken steps expected to eliminate 4,000 jobs by June - and that may be only halfway toward the total cuts this year. An internal Boeing document obtained by The Seattle Times reveals that at least one company unit is targeting a 10% workforce reduction overall. And people with knowledge of what's planned say that's roughly the percentage of jobs expected to be cut. That would translate to as many as 8,000 jobs being eliminated. Asked about plans ..."

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