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If you have no immediate need for one of the products offered on Airplanes and Rockets, please consider making a donation toward the effort.

I have never passed on your information to anyone (e-mail address, name, etc.). Running the web site and keeping fresh information available is time consuming and costly.

Please be as generous as possible - $30 doesn't buy what it bought a couple decades ago. In fact, according to the BLS's Inflation Calculator it is equivalent to $20.53 compared to when AirplanesAndRockets began in 1999 as ModelAirplanes on Earthlink.








An alternative could be to donate building and/or flying equipment, aviation books and/or magazines, or other hardware items that might not be useful to you any more. I can always find a good use for stuff.

Thank you.



Kirt Blattenberger



Posted November 29, 2017