Peanuts Toys - Featuring Snoopy the Astronaut
1969 Sears Christmas Wish Book

Sears 1969 Christmas Wish Book CoverI bought a 1969 edition of the Sears, Roebuck & Co.'s Christmas Wish Book on eBay. It was the year I turned 11 years old, and was also the year of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Remembering how I eagerly awaited those pages filled with advertisements for model airplanes, boats, guns, Erector sets, and countless other things, I figured it might be nice to look through one again. Here is the 1969 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog, too. Enjoy!

Here on page 541 of the Sears 1969 Christmas Wish Book is a wide selection of Peanuts paraphernalia, including books, calendars, ribbons, coloring books, hand bags, and Snoopy the Astronaut dolls. If you look for the authentic Astronaut Snoopy dolls (item #4 in the photo) today on eBay, you'll find that they regularly sell for $250 or more.

I've been a big Peanuts fan for all my life (more than 50 years, sigh), and I have a few collectibles, but nothing worth much - a few old comic strip books, and some glasses/mugs. I have all the fairly recent biographies on Charles Schulz, which provide an interesting insight into his childhood, WWII  Army years, and career path from working as an art instructor up to his final years drawing Peanuts. Feel free to send me anything you have and no longer need - I'll post photos of them on the website ;-)

Use the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' inflation calculator to see what items cost in today's dollars. That $3.77, Snoopy the Astronaut would cost $22.62 in 2011 money, but that is exactly the model that goes for $250+ on eBay.

Peanuts, Astronaut Snoopy from the 1969 Sears Christmas Wish Book - Airplanes and Rockets

Peanuts - Astronaut Snoopy Doll

Peanuts, Astronaut Snoopy Price List from the 1969 Sears Christmas Wish Book - Airplanes and Rockets

Price List


Since I now have a few different pages with Peanuts paraphernalia, this list is provided to enable finding all of them.

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Posted February 20, 2011