Douglas C−47 (DC−3) Control Line Model
Dakota / Skytrain

This twin-engine, control line C−47 project is in its beginning phase. Plans were blown up from those which appeared in the December 1954 issue of Air Trails magazine in an article titled, "Build Your Own Douglas C−47." Photos and a story will be added once it progresses further.

One of the bigger challenges with this model is bending the music wire for the landing gear. Two identical pieces are needed that match each other very closely. There are six, 90° bends in 1/8" music wire that require the lengths of each section to match or else the two ends that go into the wheel hubs will not meet properly. After devising a repeatable method for marking and bending the music wire, I made a short video demonstrating the process. See "How to Bend Music Wire Landing Gear."


DC-3 engine nacelles being built - Airplanes and Rockets

C-47 motor mounts - Airplanes and Rockets

DC-3 all 3 wing sections joined - Airplanes and Rockets



Posted February 10, 2018