World War II Allied & Axis World Map - Airplanes and RocketsWorld War II Allied Countries

During World War II, the Allied powers were the countries and nations that united to fight against the Axis powers and their aggression.

The major Allied powers included:

United States, Soviet Union (after it was invaded by Germany in 1941), United Kingdom, China - aka "the Big Four" - along with France (after its liberation in 1944), Canada, Australia, Poland and New Zealand. These were the principal nations forming the Allies. However, as the war progressed, many other countries via the "Declaration by United Nations" also joined the Allied coalition, either by declaring war on the Axis or providing material and financial support.

Some of these countries included:

Poland, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Greece, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia (before its occupation by Germany), Brazil, India (as part of the British Empire), and South Africa (as part of the British Commonwealth). Various other nations from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas also contributed in different ways to the Allied cause. The coalition of the Allied powers played a crucial role in ultimately defeating the Axis powers and bringing an end to World War II.