Helicopters: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Air & Space Timeline Mural, Udvar-Hazy Center - Airplanes and RocketsAfter attending the funeral for my uncle Rick Blattenberger at Arlington National Cemetery (he was a decorated Army Ranger during the Vietnam era), Melanie and I drove to the nearby Udvar-Hazy Center annex of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. It has been nearly two decades since we last visited the NASM in Washington, D.C., so I do not know what it looks like now, but the UHC is an incredibly densely packed collection of awesome artifacts from America's aerospace endeavors.

Having another appointment meant only being able to spend about two hours there, which is nowhere near enough time to even come close to taking in all there is to offer. Other visitors must have thought I was a deranged lunatic because of my roaming at a rapid pace, with my head continually rolling from trying to see everything, jaw hanging down out of amazement, drool running down my cheek from a Pavlovian response to the intellectual food all around me, and unintelligible sounds being uttered as I quickly read informational placards half out loud.

These are the helicopters that were on display at the time. Many more were there, of course. Someday, I hope to return and do a much more thorough capturing of the items, and with a much better camera.

Bell UH-1 "Huey" - Airplanes and Rockets
Bell UH-1 "Huey"

Sikorsky H-34 Choctaw - Airplanes and Rockets
Sikorsky H-34 Choctaw
Scorpion Homebuilt - Airplanes and Rockets
Scorpion Homebuilt

Sikorsky HO5S-1 - Airplanes and Rockets
Sikorsky HO5S-1 Placard - Airplanes and Rockets
Sikorsky HO5S-1
Gyrodyne QH-50C Drone - Airplanes and Rockets
Gyrodyne QH-50C Drone

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Posted February 23, 2014