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August 1961 American Modeler
Table of Contents

August 1961 American Modeler

August 1961 American Modeler magazine cover     [Table of Contents]

Even with so many changes in modeling over the years, some things never grow old. These pages from vintage modeling magazines like American Aircraft Modeler, American Modeler, and Air Trails captured the era. Whether you are here to wax nostalgic or for the history, enjoy your visit. I will be glad to scan articles for you. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.



August 1961







See complete list of American Modeler editions available.




Cover: Messerschmitt 109's,  Drawn by S. Calhoun Smith 1
Air Notes by Howard Levy6
Western Modeling with Dick Everett10
Need Flying Site Help? The Manitowoc, Wisc., Story12
Denight Special For Goodyear Profile Class by Cal Smith13
World Aviation Year by Year: 1956 by Douglas Rolfe14
"Argus," Most Beautiful Stunt Plane by Steve Wooley16
Messerschmitt Ace Adolf Galland by Walter Musciano18
Control Line Plans For Galland's Me.109,  by W. A. Musciano19
Model Progress-Reports and Commentary20
National Team Race Winner,  Flown by Bill Stinson, Jr. and Sr.22
National Jet Speed Winner,  Flown by Jim Summersett22
National Class B Speed Winner,  Flown by Shelton & Harris22
Control Line Capers by William Netzeband23
"Styro-Mite" OlO-Powered Radio Plane,  by Aubrey Kochman24
Scale Views by Paul Plecan26
National Unlimited Rubber Winner flown by Dan O'Malley27
National Rocket Free Flight Winner flown by Dan O'Malley27
Fantastic Flyweight Multi Control by Bill Bertrand28
No Strings Attached by William Winter29
Hawker P.1127 Tactical V/STOL Three Views30
National Indoor Paper Stick Winner flown by Ron Plotzke31
National Indoor Stick Winner flown by Joe Bilgri31
National Indoor Cabin Winner flown by Bob Bienenstein31
McEntee on Radio Control32
"Solar" Half-A Free Flight,  by Howard Timlin & Craig Cusick36
Eveready Battery Advertisement41
R/C Equipment Revue: Babcock's BCT-12 and BTR-1250
R/C Plane Revue: Technical Model Products' "Wildfire"52
Powerplant Revue: The Fox "07"54
Sketchbook-Hints and Kinks by our Readers57
Showcase: Product News58
Radio Control Equipment News61
Shop Talk-Across The Counter65
Model Aviation Comics of Yore  


Table of Contents for August 1961 American Modeler - Airplanes and Rockets



H.S. Leumann, Technical Editor
Rose Borello, Editorial Production
Clarence Scott, Art Director



Howard McEntee, Radio Control
James M. Triggs, Scale Presentations
Douglas Rolfe, Air Progress
William Netzeband, U-Control
William A. Baughman, Model Boats
William Winter, Free Flight
Dick Everett, West Coast
H. A. Thomas, Sketchbook
Paul Plecan, Scale Views
Howard Levy, Modern Planes
Peter M. Bowers, Early Planes





Posted  February 27, 2011

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