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In order to provide for a reasonable homepage loading time, it is impractical to just keep adding items to the top of the stack and keep all the old stuff there too. Therefore, I have created these Airplanes and Rockets Homepage Archives to maintain a historical snapshot of everything once on the homepage. Unfortunately, I did not think to keep a record until around Fall of 2009; I had just been deleting items from the bottom of the stack. No more, though. Hence forth, if you recall seeing something on the homepage but it is no longer there, please check out these archive pages. I also keep an archive of all the modeling news additions:

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E-FEST 2011E-FEST 2011 will be held on February 12 & 13

Yves Rossy Complete World's First Loop in Jet-Propelled Jet Wing"Jet Man" Yves Rossy Performs First Loop Using Jet-Cat P-200 Propelled Wing Suit!

The Unexpected Rebirth of the Flying Car The Unexpected Rebirth of the Flying Car

Martian AirplaneScientists Develop a Martian Airplane

Ig Nogle prize for whale breathalyzer R/C helicopterLondon-based scientist's use of a R/C helicopter to get breath samples from whales has led to her being awarded an "Ig Nobel" Prize

Doubling Lithium-Ion Battery Storage

Errant Navy Drone Near D.C. Almost Met by Fighter Jets

World's Fastest HelicopterThe Fastest Helicopter on Earth

New Capabilities Propel Unmanned Aircraft SystemsNew Capabilities Propel Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Thermal-G R/C Club Summer 2010 Fly-In, Erie, PA

Terry S.'s Proctor Antic ParasolWebsite visitor Terry S. sent a photo of his beautiful Proctor Antic Parasol!

Graham Mobley Showing Off His SparkyGraham Mobley sent photos of his 150% scale, electrified Sparky!

If You Fly Free Flight, You Have to Visit the Volar Libremente (Fly Freely) Website!

"Making Sonotube Beautiful" - Amateur Astronomers Using Monokote on Telescope Tubes

Graphene Batteries Said to Recharge in 10 Minutes

Doubling Lithium-Ion Battery Storage

South Mountain Plantation - Choose-and-Cut Christmas Tree Farm, Hagerstown / Boonsboro

Electric-Powered Solar Impulse sets out on historic flightSolar Plane Sets Out on Historic Flight

EADS 4-engine electric-powered aerobatic airplaneEADS Unveils Four-Engine Electric Aerobatic Plane

Raven Attacks an R/C Model in FlightWatch this amazing video of a raven attacking an R/C model in flight!

Futaba XFC, June 11-13, 2010Don't miss the Futaba Extreme Flight Championships, June 11-13, 2010

Liquid Metal Batteries Could Lead to Power Storage Breakthrough

American Modeler & American Aircraft Modeler Archive Recently Updated with New Editions

Littler Traveler II being prepared for record-breaking flight for St. Jude Children's HospitalUpdate: Little Traveler II Record-Breaking Fundraiser Flight for St. Jude Children's Hospital - 2010

Copenhagen Suborbitals manned space capsuleCopenhagen Suborbitals' is working towards launching a human being into space based entirely on sponsors and volunteers - videos

UAVs Conquer The SkiesUAVs Conquer The Skies - feature story in Electronic Design magazine

Significant Step Toward Lightweight Batteries w/Li-Air - 3x Energy Density

Please visit the GRAMS website!The Greensboro Radio Aeromodelers (GRAMS) Invite You to Check Out Their Fine Website

New Charging Method Could Slash Battery Recharge Times (apply AC - very interesting)

From NACA To NASA: 95 Years of Innovation in Flight

The Present and Future of Unmanned Drone Aircraft: An Illustrated Field Guide 8-Pack of Crayon Rockets

Check Out an Crayola 8-Pack of Crayon Look-Alike Colored Rockets!

Gadget Freak Case #158: PIC Chip Boosts Four Rockets SkywardHow About a 2-Stage Rocket with 4 2nd Stages...and a Microcontroller. Think MIRV.

Electric Planes Could Transform How We Fly

Listen to RC Radio Network (

Flying Outhouse from April 1974 American Aircraft Modeler

Designing a Ducted Fan - February 1971 American Aircraft Modeler

See the Vintage MRC Radio AdSam's Stuff & Hobbies

If you are a C/L aficionado, you will appreciate Sam's Stuff & Hobbies.

Lots of hard-to-find kits

See Where the Lithium for Your LiPo Batteries Comes FromAeroVironment Wins $23.9M Order for Army and Marine Corps Digital Raven Systems

AeroVironment Wins $23.9M Order for Army and Marine Corps

Digital Raven Systems

Did you know that Barry Goldwater was an avid aircraft modeler?CW Action Hobbies in Jamestown, NY

What a Great Hobby Shop! Action Hobbies, in Jamestown, NY

Maxwell's Hobby Shop (Erie, PA) YouTube Video1971 American Aircraft Modeler1971

American Aircraft Modeler Added to Scanable

ListClustrMaps archive for Dec 2008 - Dec 2009"Flying Models" Magazine's "We Will Remember..." Emblem

Thanks to Flying Models for Still Including the "We Will Remember..." Emblem on the Cover Each Month!

Charles Schulz's comics in The Saturday Evening PostIf You Are a Peanuts Fan, You Might Enjoy This Collection of Comics from The Saturday Evening PostR/C helicopter article from the IEEE

Take a Whirlybird Out for a Holiday Whirl - Airplanes and Rockets

Flight of Fancy: MIT Autonomous Mini-Helicopter Solves One Tough Challenge

WWII dive bomber pulled from Lake MichiganWWII SBD Dauntless Pulled from Lake Michigan

Hydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell Unmanned Air Vehicle Sets 26-Hour Flight Endurance RecordHydrogen-Powered Fuel Cell Unmanned Air Vehicle Sets 26-Hour Flight Endurance RecordLarry Kruse gives an honorable mention to Airplanes and Rockets in the December 2009 edition of Flying Models

Thanks to Larry Kruse for honorable mention of Airplanes and Rockets in the December 2009 edition of Flying Models!Solar Impulse Round-the-World Flight

Test Begins Soon for Solar Impulse Round-the-World FlightJim Wander's Guillows PBY-5a Catalina

See Jim Wander's Beautiful Open-Frame Guillows PBY-5a Catalina Model

Check Out the Model Flying New Zealand (MFNZ) Website!

Vintage "Grid Leaks" Early R/C Experimenters' Magazine Archive (PDF - thanks Barry L.)New Unmanned Chopper Sniffs Out IEDs

New Unmanned Chopper Sniffs Out IEDsAirplanes and Rockets: Hobie Hawk website

Remember the Hobie Hawk Sailplane?

High-Energy Batteries Coming to Market - Rechargeable Zinc-Air Batteries Store 3x Energy of Li-PoWorld's smallest model train layout

World's Smallest Model Train Layout - Z ScaleReusable rocket plane soars in test flight

Reusable Rocket Plane Soars in Test Flight

Beautiful Concept Airship Looks 85 Years into the FutureBeautiful Concept Airship Looks 85 Years into the Future

Model Aircraft Covering Weight Comparison

NIB DynaJet Sold on eBay for $406.11

Hydrogen-Powered Military Aircraft Achieves Record

Model rocket fueled by toffeeRockets Can Run on Toffee, Engineer Demonstrates ElectraFlyer-X

Who's Killing the Electric Plane?

FAA Hampering Progress

Model Aircraft Hobby Shops & Flying Sites in Erie, PennsylvaniaLittle Traveler St. Jude Fundraiser

Little Traveler Fundraiser Flight for St. Jude Children's Hospital

Sunward Aerospace Group - Model Rocket Manufacturer - Listing AddedWinged Shadow Systems' How High Altimeter Teardown Report

Winged Shadow Systems' How Highâ„¢ Electronic Altimeter Teardown Report

Watch videoHero Pilot, 70, Averted Air Show Disaster after Co-Pilot Hit Throttle of Giant Bomber by Mistake - Watch VideoChez Areoplane

For the Obsessive Compulsive Nature in You - Live in a Commercial Jet

Micro Flying Robots Can Fly More Effectively Than FliesMicro Flying Robots Can Fly More Effectively Than Flies

Fuel Cell Powered Unmanned Aerial System Achieves Flight Endurance MilestoneFuel Cell Powered Unmanned Aerial System Achieves Flight Endurance Milestone

The Jetex Engine Webpage is Finally ReadyCardboard Condor

Watch these videos of the amazing Cardboard condor!

Check out the website - includes the new Rapier motorsRemember Jetex Motors? Check Out Jetex.orgEye-Bot spy vehicle attaches itself to ceiling

Eye-Bot Lands on the Ceiling, Surveils Area Remotely

Poems of Flight

Sony Develops New High Power Li-Ion Battery, 4x Energy Density & Rapid Charge

Man Crippled by Model Helicopter Plans Civil Suit

iPhone Used to Control RC HelicopterWatch an iPhone Control a Micro Aero VehicleGravity Plane

The Gravity Plane Uses a Combination of Helium and Compressed Air to Fly Long DistancesGreen Flight Challenge

Green Flight Challenge Goes Live! Pilot View FPV 2400 Video Transmitter

FCC Issues Part 15 Citation to Hobby Lobby for the Pilot View FPV 2400 Video Transmitter

Transfer Printwood Templates to Your Balsa Using Avery Label SheetsAirBorne Models' Bard w/80" wingspan

AirBorne Models has a few really nice-looking slope ARF soaring gliders (could be thermalled) at reasonable prices. They also have powered models.Electric-Powered C/L Aerobatics

New Page on Electric Control Line Flight

Tiny DARPA Aircraft Can Fly by Flapping Its WingsTiny DARPA Aircraft Can Fly by Flapping Its Wings Horten 229

Nazi Stealth Jet Could Have Won War for Hitler - the Horten 229

Modeling Tips & Tricks - A new feature of Airplanes and Rockets

Operations / Service Manual for DP-03 CO2 motor now available.Giant Solar Plane Will Stay Aloft for Five Years Straight

Giant Solar Plane Will Stay Aloft for Five Years Straight - Popular Science Clive Gamble's Free Flight Sopwith Camel with 4.5" Hook-to-Peg Distance

See a video of Clive Gamble's Sopwith Camel in flight. Its unique feature is a 4.5" hook-to-peg distance for the rubber motor.Rrecord-Setting Fuel-Cell-Powered R/C Airplane

Students, Engineers Set Record Fuel-Cell-Powered, R/C Airplane Flight

Research Could Cut Aircraft Development Costs, Improve SafetyR/C Models Used for Full-Scale Aircraft Development

Here are a couple great videos of DynaJet engines - one a tutorial, the other on an R/C Long EZPaul D.'s Electric Sparky

Paul D.'s Electric Sparky Flight PhotosKim's Winder all painted and ready to fly!

Winder Update - Paint's On

Aerosente Glider Workshop  - Nice!

Cox Engine Parts - $750M Inventory Discovered

Bob's Aircraft Documentation - over 8,200 different color Foto Paaks

National Association of Scale Aeromodelers' (NASA) website - the official AMA SIG pertaining to scale aeromodeling

Wings That Waggle Could Cut Aircraft Emissions by 20%

AMA Response to ARC Recommendations Enstrom fuselage painted & installed on Tri-Star frame

Enstrom Fuselage Painted & Installed on DuBro Tri-Star Frame

Brazil, Croatia, Japan Win Paper-Airplane Championships

ModelExpo Hobby Products - Some Unique Products

Airplanes and Rockets: World's Largets Model Rocket - Saturn VWorld's Largest Model Rocket to Lift Off Saturday

Coating Plane Wings in Feathers Could Reduce Drag