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In order to provide for a reasonable homepage loading time, it is impractical to just keep adding items to the top of the stack and keep all the old stuff there too. Therefore, I have created these Airplanes and Rockets Homepage Archives to maintain a historical snapshot of everything once on the homepage. Unfortunately, I did not think to keep a record until around Fall of 2009; I had just been deleting items from the bottom of the stack. No more, though. Hence forth, if you recall seeing something on the homepage but it is no longer there, please check out these archive pages. I also keep an archive of all the modeling news additions:

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Table of Balsa Weight for Various Densities Keystone Indor Electric FlyKeystone Indoor Electric Fly - 200'x600' Indoor Dome

DuBro Hughes 300 helicopter video on YouTubeYouTube video of vintage DuBro Hughes 300 helicopter in flight

Sopwith CamelHere are some photos of the progress on my Sopwith Camel for control line.

DuBro TriStar Helicopter with Enstrom FuselageFlash: DuBro TriStar helicopter with Enstrom fuselage being built

Rocketarium listing added. listing added.

Airplanes and Rockets: Nathan Sawaya's LEGO Saturn V - Amazing!LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya has created this amazing Saturn V! Is it made of around 3,000 LEGO blocks.

Ultra-High-Power Lithium-Ion Batteries

Robot WiFi in Disaster AreasFlying Robots to Provide Wi-Fi in Disaster Zones

Robocopters Unite!Robocopters Unite! RC helis being taught to autonomously collaborate on tasks.

Shark 15Kim's Shark 15 is full battle colors - ready for the next good flying day.

Gil Morris' 2-Propeller Gearbox for F1C Free Flight (click for larger image)Check Gil Morris' gearbox for a 2-propeller configuration on F1C free flight in the  Feb 2009 issue of Model Aviation.

Allen Cargill Electronic Handle for Control Line (click for larger image)A story in the Feb 2009 issue of Model Aviation described this electronic controller for scale C/L models. 2 to 6 channels.

Have You Been to the Virtual Aircraft Museum?

Airplanes and Rockets: RC SparkyPaul D. Sent Pics of His 110% R/C Electric Sparky!

Kim Stricker Checks in with His Winder C/L Kit

Microduster .010 Free Flight

New Photos Added for Comet Cadet

Many New Detailed Photos of My Comet J-5 Cruiser Added

Lots of Detailed Photos of My Estes Saturn V Added

Suzy Homemaker Appliances for SaleSuzy Homemaker Appliances for Sale - Guys, here's something for your wife to buy to help justify your next kit  ;-)

Airplanes and Rocket - 1 Man, 1 Transmitter, 50 Aircraft1 Man, 1 Transmitter, 50 Aircraft - All Flown in a Single Day

Airplanes and Rockets: E-Fest 2009Great Planes' E-Fest 2009 Runs February 7 & 8

Accupoint Incidence Meter for saleFor Sale: AccuPoint Laser Incidence Meter - Like New

Monokote for SaleFor Sale: Full and partial rolls of Monokote

CS-5 Nano servos for saleFor Sale: CS-5 Nano Servos, 9" Extension - Liek New

Airplanes and Rockets: RC Helicopter used for volcano researchDiscover magazine ran a story on an RC helicopter used for volcano research

Full Article Added for Emeraude from April 1969 AAM

REVOLUTIONCheck Out the "REVOLUTION" Outside-the-Circle C/L System

Airplanes And Rockets: E-Fest 2009E-Fest 2009 - February 7 & 8, 2009, Champaign, Illinois

Here is a Very Good Guide for Tissue Covering

AAM Article from When Jerry Flynn & I Helped Set a World Record

 - Airplanes and RocketsRC Weather Planes Could Improve Weather Forecasts

Comet Sparky Plans

C/L Mustang Plans

Albatros D. Va (1917) 3-View

Senior Aerosport Biplane Plans

Soaring the Superfund SkiesWatch this new AMA / EPA video, "Soaring the Superfund Sites"

Chinese Bridge Builders Use Rockets to Shoot Cables Across Valley (this is slick)

T-34B Mentor Plans

Quick Floats Plans

The Ultimate e-Powered Airplane - the ElectraFlyer-C... You Can Ride in It

Penni Helicopter Plans & Article

Martin MO-1 Plans

1909 Curtiss Model A Plans

"Works of Art" by my father, Art Blattenberger

Pietenpol Air Camper Plans

Classical Gas Plans

Sopwith F.1 Camel, 1917-1918, Plans

Emeraude Plans

CO2 Power is Coming Back - from April 1969 AAM

Sperry Messenger Plans

El Cochino Plans

FAI Pussy-Cat Plans

Strato-Streak 68 Plans

Junkers D-1 Plans

Paul Harvey - R/C Modeler "On the Scene"

DeHavilland DH60G Gipsy Moth Plans

Curtiss A-3B Falcon Plans

Halberstadt D-II Plans

Dee Bee Plans Added

Aeronca 7AC Champion Plans

Ace Pulse Commander Single-Channel Radio Control SystemFully detailed Ace Pulse Commander Single-Channel R/C System - including Owner's Manual

Welcome "Model Aviation" Visitors!

30-Year-Old Hobby-Lobby R/C Airplane Wins UAV Contest

Carl Goldberg 1/2A Skylane kit for saleMy coveted 1/2A Skylane kit is now for sale.

Another Jetco Shark 15 Update...

Click for detailsApron with Aviation Theme Prints, by All Occasion Aprons

Airplanes and Rockets Achieves a Google PageRank of 5 in Under 2 Years! - Thanks to Everyone!

Snow is on the Way! Here is a Great Article on Making Skis for Your RC Airplane

Live Where the Water Doesn't Freeze? Here is Chuck Cunningham's Famous Article on Float Setup

Airplanes and Rockets: Twin Space Shuttles on launch pads  (NASA photo - thanks to Ralph W.)An incredible photo of twin Space Shuttles

Estes Orbital Transport kitEstes Orbital Transport. Only $75!

Airplanes and Rockets: Dick E.'s Airtronics Aquila from an original 1970s kit - sitting atop a very nice vintage Corvette!This Aquila was built in the 1980s, and just recently flown for the 1st time. Congrats to Dick E.!

C/L Flyers, here's a lower cost alternative to buying from Brodak - Sam's Stuff & Hobbies. He sells many hard-to-find C/L kits.

Watch for the AirplanesAndRockets advertisement in an upcoming edition of Model Aviation!

Visit RMS Distribution's website if you are looking for some great classic C/L kits.

Visit LazerWorks for laser-cut short kits for lots of classic models - R/C and C/L

Kim Stricker's short kit of the Jetco Shark 15 C/L model from LazerWorks is shaping up nicely. Here is his Carl Goldberg  1/2A Skylane from days of yore. Updated 8/25/2008.

 - Airplanes and RocketsRubber Powered Model Airplanes from the 1930s. Where have these films been all these years?

Futaba Skysport 6Futaba Skysport 6 R/C System for Sale. Extras.

Buy this Sig Akrobat C/L modelThis vintage Sig Akrobat C/L kit is available for purchase!

Micro Air Vehicle: 3 Gram 'Dragonfly' Takes Flight

Airplanes and Rockets: Radio Control Hall of FameHere is probably the world's most complete collection of RC equipment - the Radio Control Hall of Fame.

Visit the Collect Air Website - Loaded With Vintage Model Info

The Rocketarium Online Rocket Shop

Boeing Successfully Flies Fuel Cell-Powered Airplane - a Full-Size Electric Airplanes with a Human Pilot

The Early Days of Radio ControlThe First Days of Radio Control. Information and pics you probably have never seen before.

Airplanes and Rockets Forums now Active

Paul Harvey - Radio Control Modeler

New boat model pics added 1 & 2

1968 AAM Editorial Re Future of Navy Nats Sponsorship

Vintage Radio Control Systems

Cordless Electric Flight Motors
(July 1973, American Aircraft Modeler)

E-Fest 2008 Happening Feb 9 & 10

AMA's new Park Pilot program

Some of my woodworking projects

 - Airplanes and Rockets VTOL RC Model Video domain acquired