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"Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible." Lord Kelvin, 1895

In order to provide for a reasonable homepage loading time, it is impractical to just keep adding items to the top of the stack and keep all the old stuff there too. Therefore, I have created these Airplanes and Rockets Homepage Archives to maintain a historical snapshot of everything once on the homepage. Unfortunately, I did not think to keep a record until around Fall of 2009; I had just been deleting items from the bottom of the stack. No more, though. Hence forth, if you recall seeing something on the homepage but it is no longer there, please check out these archive pages. I also keep an archive of all the modeling news additions:

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AMA Chartered Clubs in February 1971

AMA Chartered Club Logos from February 1971 AAMOccasionally, the AMA would publish a current list of chartered clubs in the American Aircraft Modeler magazine. Here is that list from the February 1971 edition. Check out some of the club logos - notice the vacuum tube in the Chicagoland RC Modelers logo? Was your club in existence then, or did you belong to one that no longer exists?

Honest John Rocket

 - Airplanes and RocketsBoth Estes and Centuri made versions of the Honest John. Intentionally or not, there was an advertisement for the Centuri Honest John model on the page opposite of the past part of the article in this September 1968 edition of American Aircraft Modeler, from which this page was scanned.

Mark's Models Windward Kit Obtained

Marks Models Windward Kit Plans & PartsI just bought a Windward kit off of eBay. The plans and kit parts can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail tot . It will probably never be built - just kept around as a memento of earlier times.

Cessna L-27A 4-View

USAF Cessna L-27A 4-View from December 1957 American ModelerThis 4-view for the USAF's Cessna L-27A (military version of the Cessna 310A) was scanned from page 14 of my purchased copy of the December 1957 American Modeler magazine. The 4-view for this fine model was drawn by Mr. Walter M. Jefferies, Jr.

Astro-Jeff Open Class Sailplane

 - Airplanes and RocketsHere is another sailplane that, like the Aquila, really appealed to me back when I first saw it in the August 1974 edition of American Aircraft Modeler. The Astro-Jeff's 12'-7" wingspan with 1370 sq. in. of wing area, was too much for my 16-year-old wallet. The cost to built and cover it, and then the launch system needed was way more than what I was accustomed to compared to my Standard Hi-Start and 72" and 99" gliders (the 2-meter class hadn't been created yet). Here is the complete scanned article with photos. Full and short kits are now available.

Satellite 1000 Class C Free Flight Airplane

Satellite 1000 Class C Free Flight article & plans from the May 1972 American Aircraft ModelerAt the rest of website visitor Mark, these plans and article for the Satellite 1000 Class C free flight airplane, by Bill Hunter, were scanned from my purchased copy of the May 1972 American Aircraft Modeler magazine (page 22). Plans for this fine model were drawn by Bill Hunter.

Kudos to Dare Hobby!

Dare Hobby websiteDare Hobby just earned an honored spot in my great hobby shops list. Back in April, I placed an order for a bunch of Brodak dope for use on my Sopwith Camel. They were chose because of having the best price I could find. After finally getting around to using the dope, I notice the Cessna White was missing, so I wrote asking them to see if it was ever shipped. Their records confirmed it had not been included in the order, so they are sending it now. That is the kind of honesty that deserves recognition!

Ole Tiger Quarter Midget Racer

Ole Tiger Quarter Midget Racer article & plans from the August 1973 AAMThis article and plans for the Ole Tiger quarter midget racer were scanned from my purchased copy of the August 1973 American Aircraft Modeler magazine at the request of an Airplanes and Rockets website visitor. Plans for this fine model were drawn by Mr. Don Panek.

Stiletto Article & Plans

Stiletto Article & Plans, December 1970 AAMWebsite visitor Gordon W. requested a copy of this article for the Stiletto that appeared in the December 1970 American Aircraft Modeler. This unique 1/2A racer uses a 2-1/2" slot car axel as a prop extension to create the long nose moment with a center-mounted engine. A boat universal joint provides the interface.

AAM Glider Winch Article & Plans

AAM Glider Winch (April 1973 AAM)A long time ago I bought a used glider winch at an auction held by the PGRC, in MD. It cost me somewhere around $25, which was a lot for me in the mid 1970s. The motor and control circuitry was contained in a plywood box, with a jack for the foot switch and terminals to clamp jumper cable to from a car. In looking at these plans for the AAM Glider Winch shown here from the April 1973 American Aircraft Modeler, it looks a lot like mine, only in a box.

Fokker F-10 Trimotor "America" 4-View

Fokker Trimotor "America" 4-View from February 1970 American Aircraft ModelerYet another request for a scan from an old edition of American Aircraft Modeler. Ian G. wanted the 4-view drawing of the Fokker F-10 Trimotor "America," from the February 1970 edition of AAM. It was drawn by the incredibly talented Björn Karlström.

Cessna Airmaster

Cessna Airmaster article and drawings from the May 1974 AAMWebsite visitor Neil wrote to request that I scan and publish this this article for the Cessna Airmaster, by Patricia T. Groves, was scanned from my purchased copy of the May 1974 American Aircraft Modeler magazine. Line drawing for this fine aircraft were drawn by Björn Karlström.

Saab J21-A WWII Fighter/Attack Aircraft

Saab J21-A, WWII fighter/attack aircraftAt the request of UK website visitor Colin, these plans and article for the unique Saab J21-A, WWII pusher prop airplane, by Fred Angel, were scanned from my purchased copy of the August 1974 American Aircraft Modeler magazine.

Aquila Spirit 2-Meter Sailplane

Supermodel Melanie holding my Aquila Spirit sailplaneI decided to buy a Great Planes Spirit 2-meter sailplane kit and "bash" is a bit to resemble the vintage Airtronics Aquila. The result is what you see in the photos on this page. It's not an exact likeness, but the lines are definitely more graceful that the somewhat square Spirit. I have dubbed my new sailplane the Aquila Spirit, both to recognize the contributions of both models as well as to suggest the intention to build a model in the spirit of the original Aquila. Photos are included.

Curtiss JN-4D Jenny Biplane

Curtiss JN-4D Jenny (September 1968 AAM)Curtiss JN-4D Jenny (September 1968 AAM)These plans and article for the Curtiss JN-4D Jenny biplane, by Dick Hansen, were scanned from my purchased copy of the September 1968 American Aircraft Modeler magazine (page 18). Plans for this fine model were drawn by Dick Hansen.

Rubber Motor Testing

Rubber Motor Testing, by Jim Horton, August 1968 AAMHere is a short article on rubber motor testing written by free flight master Jim Horton. It appeared in the August 1968 edition of American Aircraft Modeler. As with all articles reprinted on this website, they have been OCRed to extract the text in searchable format, rather than simply scanning and publishing a image of the page.