DP-03 CO2 Motor

Internal combustion - gasoline, diesel, and glow fuel.
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DP-03 CO2 Motor

Post by KirtB » Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:02 pm

Russian DP-03 CO2 motor

This model DP-03, CO2 motor came in a Russian free flight Styrofoam model kit. I uploaded a video of it running to YouTube. I bought three of these on eBay, kept one for my display, and then sold the other two on eBay. The fellow that bought them actually plans to fly his. Carlson Engine Imports sells this DP-03 motor for $35. The Operations / Service Manual for DP-03 CO2 is now available online. http://www.airplanesandrockets.com/motors/images/Junior-451-CO2-Motor-Charger-1_small.jpg
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